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When we look at Miami, we don’t see sand or clubs, we see a wealth of culture waiting to be tapped into. Decades of vibrant history and a colorful network, artists sharing their voices with anyone who wants to hear them. What the city might lack in years, it has made up for in being a sanctuary for dreamers in search of a new home. It’s time we tell those stories. It’s time we show the rest of the world what Miami truly is and empower those curious souls to share that message along with us. It’s time we all become Culture Crusaders. Through helpful guides, lists, neighborhood maps, and in-depth spotlights, this is the refuge where residents and travelers will find every tool they need to join the movement. Not just the things to do, but what to do when you actually get there and what to know before you take the leap. The bridge between Miami’s bright future and its pioneering past. Treat it like a navigator’s prized kit for exploring the unknown, even if that means visiting places that might seem entirely overlooked. It’s the informed opinion of a trusted old friend. Our love letter to the place that shaped us. It’s more than a blog or a media platform, this is the well to drink from to get to the root of what makes this city so magical and how we can spread that magic everywhere else we may go.

About Culture Crusaders

Culture Crusaders is the official media platform powered by Prism Creative Group. Centering around key pillars of things to do, food & drink, current event stories, neighborhood spotlights, music and events, it is the premiere field guide to navigating Miami like a local. Culture Crusaders focuses on spotlighting the variety of Miami’s cultural offerings beyond the typical nightlife scene. By focusing on the full breadth of the city’s avenues for creative expression, the platform covers every corner of Miami’s culture from international performances at acclaimed institutions and exhibits at local museums, to the equally important musical releases by city-based musicians–there’s something for everyone here and our microphone helps spread that word. The editorial platform is updated daily with helpful and insightful content that helps residents and curious travelers find a deeper grasp on the city’s authentic identity. Working with arts organizations, we create original content that connects their vast programming to audiences interested in experiencing vibrant culture. First-hand accounts, live updates, illustrated neighborhood maps, guides and listicles are among the many formats that provide informative locally-focused tips to getting the most out of Miami. Each of these stories go deeper into the creation and foundation of these places and projects so that readers can better understand how the city has become what we know it to be today. Culture Crusaders also focuses on connecting Florida cities through crowd-sourced and curated “Culture Crusades” to cities such as Orlando, Tampa/St. Pete, Fort Lauderdale, Islamorada and more. The media platform is also fueled by informational pieces by our multiple content partners including Books & Books, Miami Film Festival, Filmgate Interactive, and PAMM—ensuring a strong connection to Miami’s cultural institutions and their creative industries. Feel free to also check out our Instagram here and FB here.