Another whirlwind of a year is just about behind us and as we look toward a new year full of both uncertainty and opportunity, we can’t help but think about some of the things we’d like to see for Miami in 2022.

Live Music

We’ve said it before and we will say it until the end of time but there’s nothing quite like live music to awaken our souls. From protecting Miami’s music venues at all costs to championing outdoor musical experiences, we’d like Miami to thrive as a destination for live music. We are especially looking forward experiences like the new four-weekend long concert series Miami Beach Live and of course, GroundUp Music Festival. And to do our part in the new year, our sister agency Tigre Sounds will be hosting many more studio jams and sessions among local artists on its mission to serve as a home and platform for music from around the world.

Photo courtesy of Tigre Sounds

Neighborhood Activations

Every neighborhood in Miami is so distinct. From South Beach to Doral, Little Haiti to Kendall, we want to see every neighborhood come to life through community events. There is too much to see and experience around the Magic City and we’d love any excuse to make the trip out to spend time soaking up what each sector has to offer. So we will be keeping our eyes peeled for markets, concerts, and activations of all kinds in 2022.

Photo: FujiFilmGirl

A Focus on Locals

To piggyback off of our our previous  point, we’d like to see Miami really put an emphasis on nurturing locals. Of course we understand the importance of tourism but there’s enough of us locals here to go around. We’d like to see more perks and opportunities available to us to help make the most of living here in Miami. There are a variety of ways this could manifest itself and we’re here to uplift any organization that has the foresight to do it.

Photo: Matt Roy

Local and New Businesses

There are no bigger fans of local business than us. So in 2022 we look forward to continuing to support the heck out of them and we’re drooling over all the new businesses that will come to life that we can’t even fathom just yet. Small and local business are the true bread and butter of Miami. They are what keeps our city great and we are stoked to spend time experiencing them. We know that Smorgasburg will be making its way to Wynwood next year and we can only hope that the event will continue to give local businesses the opportunities they deserve on a regular basis. Cheers to that!

Photo: VACO Studio

All this to say, we love you Miami and here’s to another year creating the Miami we want to live in!

Cover photo via BBVA