If you’re into art, December is the month to be in Miami. As you would expect, Miami is on the cutting edge of all things art, tech, and fashion. For those looking for alternative events on the topics of NFTs and music, we’ve asked around and found a few cool ones:


NFTs and crypto currency still have us a bit confused but venues like Time Out Market are taking the lead in making it the forefront for Art Basel this year. Their Metaversal_Language: Digital Art as NFTs show opening December 1st will catalyze an open a dialogue to contemplate the idea of digital art made with code as the breakout Language of the Metaverse. A short distance away from the Market, the aptly named NFT Basel will takeover FTX Arena with technology and innovation on November 30th. 0N1Force‘s NFT party at Moxy South Beach on December 1st will feature 7,777 of 0N1Force’s completely unique NFTs. They will also host an educational panel all about NFTs – deep diving into NFTs, their beginnings, and the future of art.

Viira Crypto x NFTs x Global Impact is a one-of-a-kind event on the Hydraex (one of the only carbon neutral mega yachts in the world) that will be docked near the Fontainebleau Miami Beach November 30th  to December 4th. Viira panelists include Mark Cuban, Mayor Francis Suarez, Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Ohno, the Director of the Bitcoin Foundation Brock Pierce and artist Laura Kimpton. Vice will be covering this event throughout the week and producing a special documentary about Viira’s founder called ‘Female Futurists: Enter the Metaverse”

On December 2nd, NFTs for NGOs will serve as a bridge from Crypto-Week into Art Basel. Hosted at Upper Buena Vista’s Palapa, this event is ideal for the crypto crowd and art lovers alike, dive into progressive art, music, and connect with social entrepreneurs. This is the first Miami activation by Far Away Projects, a global non-profit supporting social impact projects and grassroots efforts by connecting social entrepreneurs to resources to grow their initiatives. Meet others in crypto and find out how you can invest in NFTs to both promote artists and to finance NGOs in places like the Peruvian Amazon, the Sonoran Desert in Mexico, and more. The event will showcase 20 causes from 7 countries. 


Post-Thanksgiving weekend, November 26th to 28th, we’ve got Tulum spin-off Art With Me in Virginia Key. Amazing acts, fashion and art all weekend at this immersive festival based around the 6 pillars of: Art, Care, Dance, Breathe, Play, and Eat. Some of the artists include Tulum-based Matt Cave, Daniel Popper, and legendary artist Laura Kimpton who’s done events at Art Basel for 10 years. I was able to connect with her to discuss how Art Basel Miami 2021 is different than years past.

“As an installation artist I finally get to bring my experiential art to Basel! With my 40 foot Forest, you get to be a PART of the art, to walk among it and become one with the piece. I’m also bringing an NFT experience at an event called Viira with my 3D NFT immersive experience. My goal is to create art that is experiential.”

After a two-year hiatus, one of our favorite musical events, Rakastella, returns to its home at Virginia Key Beach Park for a one-day celebration of underground music. Get lost in a tropical oasis on December 4th to celebrate love – love for music, love for one another, and the love of dancing together in community. The legendary Rufus Du Soul is coming with Monolink and Sainte Vie at Factory Town on December 2nd. And you can escape to the jungle at The Gardens of Babylon at Jungle Island on December 4th. The line up will feature an amazing mix with locals like Behrouz, Ella Romand, MAGA and Guy Mantzur. 

Cover photo via Viira. Art by Laura Kimpton.

Autumn Feldmeier is a recent transplant from San Francisco where she wrote for SF Yoga magazine as their Culture writer-covering events around the world from Bali Spirit Festival to Envision Festival in Costa Rica and even the Oregon Eclipse event. She has interviewed a wide range of people from ex-CIA agents (John Perkins author of Confessions of an Economic HItman) to the world’s oldest yoga teacher (Tao Porchon-Lynch). As a part time yoga teacher, Autumn has interest in health and wellness. As a Burner and festival-goer, Autumn loves good music, movement and spiritual exploration. Expect a little bit of snark and edge, courtesy of Autumn’s East Coast roots. Trust us, you can handle it.