“I just want to get one tattoo” are the famous last words I said at 19 years old when I went to get my first tattoo. Ten years later, I now have six and I’ve been more ready than ever to get my next one. Finding the perfect design can be daunting but you can always choose to get something tattooed on you that means something special. Now, choosing a tattoo shop might be even harder which is why we rounded up some of our favorite ones and are even giving you some ideas of what designs to choose.

Iris Tattoo Miami

This swanky little spot in Wynwood is so aesthetically pleasing it hurts. If you’re looking to get tattooed or pierced by an awesome female artist Iris Tattoo is where you’ll want to go. The studio looks more like a cozy Miami apartment than your typical shop. What will you want to get here? Go for something feminine with fine lines. Perhaps a vine with flowers or some cute little ladybugs.

Ocho Placas Tattoo Company

The highly regarded Ocho Placas Tattoo Company sits nestled on 8 St. and 62 Ave. Don’t be put off by the location and small storefront. Here reside some of the best tattoo artists in Miami like John Vale and Javier Betancourt. What kind of ink should you get here? Go bold, tattoo something on yourself that makes a statement.

Tatt ‘Em Up Tattoos and Piercings

There’s a reason why Tatt ‘Em Up has over 1,900 reviews on Google. Some of the art on their Instagram page is outrageous. They also offer piercings, ear, belly, body, you name it they can do it. Their studio is uber clean making all of their customers feel a bit more at ease while they’re getting inked. What to get here? Go crazy and let your imagination run wild.

Salvation Tattoo Lounge – South Beach Location

Have you ever noticed the purple neon lights while driving on Washington Ave. in South Beach? That’s when you know you’ve hit Salvation Tattoo Lounge. It’s been recognized as the best tattoo shop in Miami from 2012 to 2017. Getting a tattoo at Salvation is definitely an experience. What kind of ink should you go for here? Anything, their tattoo artists are great at creating anything you ask for.

Via Salvation Tattoo

Divergent Ink

This very hip industrially outfitted tattoo shop is located in Morningside. Step inside and be transported to something that looks like it’s right out of Peaky Blinders. Tattoo artist Guille Chaviano has poured his heart and soul into tattooing since 2009. What should you get at Divergent Ink? A skull or some type of strong animal like a lion. 

Via Divergent Ink

Uplift Tattoo

Doors opened at Uplift Tattoo this past summer with four in-house artists in Brickell. We’ve heard nothing but good things so of course, we had to add them in. They’re also located in New York City in case you’re itching for new ink while on vacation. What should you get here? Fine lines seem to be the trend on their Instagram page and they’re really good!

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Cover photo via Iris Tattoo

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