It’s easy to take our proximity to abundant nature for granted, since we all live inside a natural oasis every day. The fact that we can easily move from sandy shores to wooded hammocks in one single drive is not something to take lightly. For us, we like to keep our weekend plans on their toes by switching up just what kind of natural habitat we’ll be visiting. So if you’re looking to take a break from the water and explore forests, gardens, and nearby parks, here’s a great round-up for the adventurers out there:


South Florida offers its sparkly beaches, wonderful nightlife and eclectic food spots. But an often under-looked aspect of our region is the luscious gardens it houses. No surprise that our subtropical climate is a perfect place for carving out breath-taking green spaces around the area. So since we know you’re looking for ways to be outdoors in a safe manner, here are a few re-opened gardens where you can escape to feel free. READ MORE

Photo of Morikami by the Boca Raton Tribune.


Miami-Dade is home to almost 200 parks and greenspaces, each of them unique and special in their own way. During the pandemic and isolation periods, being outdoors has been a saving grace for health benefits and Miami’s many parks have served as a refreshing haven for beating cabin fever. There are plenty of places for a romantic setting, daily sweat session, or just a casual picnic with your germ pod. Here are our favorite parks for just those reasons. READ MORE

Photo by Kirsten Vignes via Pheobes Birding.

Historic Escapes

As champions of Miami, sometimes even we get energetically exhausted by the bustle that comes with it. Every city, no matter how great, can get tiring for its own reasons whether tourist or local related. Miami, being young and somewhat still unsure of what it wants to be, can have many faults but we also know it has even more wonderful attributes. Whenever you get tired of the surface-oriented town, here are some not so “Miami” escapes to recharge. READ MORE

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Florida is filled with some of the most breath-taking freshwater springs around and a lot of them are short drives from The 305. While the nearest ones might be a 2+ hour drive from here, turn it into a day trip and stop for grub or beers at nearby cities you might not always visit. We suggest the amazing Blue Spring State Park which also sees manatees throughout the year. The further up the state you go, the more beautiful and refreshing the waters become. Head here for a full locator of Florida Springs.

Photo by Florida Backroads Travel


We’re all quite aware that Miami and Miami Beach are deep in the process of phase 1 re-opening, but with the new restrictions, our fitness game will still not be the same. Some of us might actually have gotten used to our adapted at-home workout routines and daily walks. Well, since there is still an air of uncertainty everywhere, one thing is for certain: our city has quite a few beautiful paths to walk along that are definitely open. READ MORE

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