Summertime and the livin’ is easy. Few song lyrics are as correct as the aria by George Gershwin that is a forever mood. Along with the season’s high temperatures and sunny skies comes a thirst for laid-back vibes and hanging in great company over even greater food. Luckily for you, we’ve spent a good amount of time researching the best eats and drinks to get you through the heat. So check out our round-up of perfect bites for the summer:

BBQ Joints

Few scents say summer as loudly as a fire stoking some hot coals or firewood. We all know the feeling of smelling a distant BBQ and knowing that someone’s about to have a seriously great day with family and friends. The tradition of cooking meats and veggies on an open fire–or slow-roasting it in a smoker–spans nearly every culture around the world for centuries. So it’s no surprise that a melting pot like Miami is (arguably) home to some of the best BBQ around. Here are just a few you can’t miss.

La Traila BBQ

Frozen Drinks

Growing up in South Florida, we all have fond memories sipping on frozen drinks–whether they be lemonades from A.C.’s Icees or something with a bit more oomph. And now that summer has reared its ugly head, we couldn’t want a frosty bevy more. More than your usual waterfront dive serving margaritas and piña coladas, these are the spots serving unforgettable frozen goodies you’ll want all year-round. Iced, crushed, or otherwise here is what to order.


Fresh Seafood

This season calls to mind the great outdoor fish fry and BBQs with slightly sunburnt noses and refreshing beers in hand. South Florida boasts some of the freshest seafood in the land, no need to pay top dollar for imported goods when the best is just a few miles off our own coast. When looking for good fish or seafood, sometimes its the spots you least expect that reel in the best catches. Here’s our selection of classic seafood markets to check out.

via Robalo

Mexican Eats

Is there truly anything as approachable and delicious as the taco? More than just an inspiration for Tuesday night meals, Mexican food is so multi-dimensional, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. While Miami’s restaurant scene continues to explode with new places to check out, and even more foodie FOMO, there are a few great Mexican joints that need to be on your radar. Some of them are brand new, and others might’ve slipped under your radar so check them out.

Taqueria Hoja

Waterfront Views

With summer being the most relenting of Miami’s two seasons, it’s been hard to find a good spot that isn’t too uncomfortable in this sweltering heat. Since much of Miami and South Florida is embraced by water, you’d think it’d be easier to find charming eateries with unobstructed views of the bay or ocean. Well, we’ve done some research for you by checking which of our favorite waterfront dining spots are open and waiting for you to arrive offering a perfect ocean or bayside breeze to get you through. Here are our favorites.


Cover photo via Hometown BBQ