Few dishes say “summer is here” as loudly as a sizzling hot dog. Grilled, boiled, or fried, this international classic will always satisfy our nostalgic taste buds. We’re not here to answer the age-old question of whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not, but we are here to help guide you on your quest to finding the most delicious one in our backyard. So here are 9 great places to have a hot dog in Miami:

Sweet Dogs

Many of Miami’s main streets are lined with mini malls and strip retail home to some of the city’s best holes in the wall. Sweet Dogs is just one of those gems. On 8th ST’s West Miami corridor, this local joint specializes in all things dog. Suffice to say, they boast some of the most creative iterations of hot dogs in town, and have of course mastered the classic.

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Dogma Grill

Head on over to MiMo, and you’re bound to find a retro take on an American classic. Dogma Grill is a favorite for locals in the area and out. The retro-inspired eatery boasts a “frank philosophy” and a fascination with hot dogs. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Grease as you drive in, and will leave knowing why that’s a perfect reference.

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Arbetter’s Hot Dogs

If we’re talking about all-American classics, Arbetter’s Hot Dogs really is the way to go. As a personal fan of hotdogs, their endless frank options are heaven. And pair that with the fact that sides like onion rings, cheese fries, and tater tots are ALL an option, this indecisive eater can’t get enough of their love, baby.

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Babe’s Meat & Counter

Babe Froman, like many now-classic Miami eateries, began as a crowd-favorite farmer’s market pop-up with juicy meats and cooked cuisine. Now, Babe’s got his own meat counter where you can buy cuts or deli goodies just the way you like it. Among the roster of meats are, of course, several hot dog options with all the fix-ins and freshly-baked buns perfect for to-go eating in the car.

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El Alpha Dog

There are plenty of food trucks that specialize in this easy-to-munch classic around town, but El Alpha Dog has garnered a bit of a cult following with Brickell-goers on a night out. The menu at this truck is lengthy, and features more than your average dog. For those of your friends not partial to the dish, they also offer tacos, fries, and other sandwiches worth your while.

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The classic hot dog has many culinary cousins around the world (the origins of which are still stuff of controversy) from German wursts, to the Argentinean chori pan. The Colombian iteration known fondly as the “perro” sees a masterful vegan take at this highly-rated Midtown truck, Perrology. Regardless of the fact that all of their food is meat-free, these are easily some of the best hot dogs we’ve ever had.

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Proper Sausages

Proper Sausages focuses on a more upscale approach to cutting and serving meat. This artisanal meat market in Miami Shores quickly became a beloved favorite around town by forging partnerships with some of the city’s most popular chefs and restaurants. They recently released a line of their very own hot dogs, and our summers have been smiling ever since.

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One Night Stand

A new addition to Miami Beach’s already strong list of bars and pop-ups, One Night Stand has silently come in as one of South Florida’s most highly rated underground eateries. And at the front of their menu? Hot dogs. Each one more creative than the next, and we’re not just talking about the sexual references they’re named after.


Los Perros

Remember when we mentioned the magic of Colombian hot dogs? Well, Los Perros has to be one of the most OG spots in Miami to dig into one. There’s a reason this local spot quickly gained steam and expanded to multiple locations around South Florida. Their perros are topped with the usual multi-colored sauces and aiolis, potato sticks, and magic.

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