The options for going out in Miami are pretty limitless, until you want to go dancing. We tend to favor dance floors that play eclectic sounds, offer interesting atmospheres, and attract like-minded people. The kinds of places that aren’t clubs, nor are they crowded by top 40s music and the traveling basic. As we wait patiently for places like Ball & Chain and El Patio to re-open and mourn the loss of go-to dance floors like Wood Tavern and Purdy Lounge, here are some of our more low-key favorite places to dance around Miami:

Over Under

Though the dance floor might not be as large as some of the other places on the list, Over Under stacks its nightly lineups with some of the city’s best DJs and music-makers. Every night is a different vibe–from disco to hip hop–catering to any kind of rhythm your hips are looking to sway. And in the trendy backdrop of this Downtown mixologist’s haven, what could be more cool?

Karli Evans


Gramps has been one of our favorite spots in Wynwood from the day it opened years and years ago. While the space itself might have seen some essential expansions and makeovers, the soul has never changed. They have always served up awesome musical acts, weekly shows, and monthly turnkey getdowns. The addition of a solid cocktail menu and Pizza Tropical in the back, only makes the tiki-inspired dance floor that much better for coming back on a regular basis.

Photo credit: Alex Markow

Don’s 5 Star Dive Bar

The newest kid on this list, Don’s 5 Star Dive Bar is the latest release from the talented minds at Kush Hospitality. Located underneath the popular Cafe Kush at Selina Gold Dust, Don’s is already a local favorite in just under a month. Not only is the atmosphere reminiscent of 70s and 80s Miami (win), and the drink/food menu delicious, but they did it right by launching with a consistent lineup of great Miami DJs that spin the kinds of tunes that make you feel good and ready for dancing.

via Don’s 5 Star Dive Bar

Sweet Liberty

Many of us know this South Beach bar for its stellar cocktails and epic weekend parties, but we’ve already raved about its happy hour steals. It’s a respite from your usual beach bars and clubs, a portal into vintage vibes and all the things we love about this city. They serve some of the best drinks in town, but that’s not the only reason we keep coming back. The nightly DJs play favorite tracks from the 90s and early 00s that speak to our Millennial souls.

via Sweet Liberty

Blackbird Ordinary

It’s hard to head to Brickell and know where to avoid the tourist traps, or try to find a place that isn’t over-crowded or over-priced. While Blackbird might not be the laid-back dive it used to be, it still retains a beloved place in our hearts. Avoid the urge to head there on ladies night (where we drink free), but regardless of when you go, we know you’ll have a great time on that dance floor.

via Blackbird

Las Rosas

Places like Las Rosas have been a golden light for all the night owls who miss their older homes of Grand Central and Vagabond. The Allapattah outpost is a nice ways away from the bustling throngs in Wynwood, but not too far for a night hop if that’s your thing. They are home to some great open mics, nightly indie bands, and a lot of local tunes. Everyone’s happy there, and not just because the drinks are cheap.

via Las Rosas

The Anderson

Recently, The Anderson changed ownership and with that, a brand identity. They’ve recently activated their space with a shipping container-turned taco bar, El Toro Taco, an homage to the bar that once stood on the space some 50 years ago. While it might’ve changed, the low-key vibe hasn’t left, and that means that the stage and dance floor inside are still kicking with great tunes and monthly shows to keep on your radar.

via The Anderson

27 Restaurant & Bar

Yes, a restaurant. But wait, there’s more! A new weekly party might have slipped under your nose in recent weeks without you noticing it. Flying Eagle Room, a DJ-forward party from the awesome people behind Deep Playa has been hosting a badass list of nearly 80 producers and spinners, both local and internationally-known. They take over the top floor of 27 Restaurant from Thurs-Sat and transform it into the disco ball-spinning, bassline-pumping house party we’ve all been searching for.

via Flying Eagle Room


This Wynwood stronghold was a go-to for our team before the pandemic, so it’s only fitting that we keep it on the list. Brick is one of those places that doesn’t change, and we like it like that. It’s also a 1920s house-turned-bar, but this one comes with ample space for getting down. And whether your tastes might teeter on the mainstream or not, it’s a fun place to start the night on a partying note.

Photo by Samual Rivas via World Red Eye


During the pandemic, this South Miami landmark almost shut down due to the usual landlord/developer greed, but we’re happy to say we haven’t lost it this time. Many of us might have popped into Bougainvillea’s Old Florida Tavern (“Bougie’s) for a live show by some of the most O.G. local bands over the years. And whether you’re going to see live music, or heading there for one of their outrageous holiday block parties, it’s always a good time.

via Bougie’s Facebook

Cover photo via The Anderson