Few scents say summer as loudly as a fire stoking some hot coals or firewood. We all know the feeling of smelling a distant BBQ and knowing that someone’s about to have a seriously great day with family and friends. The tradition of cooking meats and veggies on an open fire–or slow-roasting it in a smoker–spans nearly every culture around the world for centuries. So it’s no surprise that a melting pot like Miami is (arguably) home to some of the best BBQ around. Here are just a few you can’t miss:

Apocalypse BBQ

Born during the pandemic, Apocalypse BBQ is paving the way toward defining a “Miami-style” taste where American techniques and Caribbean flavors blend together into one delicious way of cooking meat. What started as a passion project with just a few ribs has grown into a cult favorite–lines wrapping around corners for his weekly pop-ups around town. These natural born grillers, led by Miami local JeffBudnechky can be found every Saturday at Boxelder and several local markets around town.

Gorilla City Meats & Sandwiches

Currently operating out of Tripping Animals Brewing Co. in Doral, this underground pop-up is well worth the trip over. Just like the brewery they call home, you can tell that a lot of love and attention to detail goes into every one of Gorilla City Meats’ creative inventions. From classic BBQ sliders, to unconventional taco fillings, everything is worth trying while you wash it down with a delicious, Miami-made beer in the laid-back atmosphere perfect for enjoying some good ‘Q.

Tripping Animals

Pig Floyd’s BBQ

A serious pit master can be very much like a rockstar, exploring the depths of his passion with no f*cks given. And Pig Floyd is definitely one such guy. This Palmetto Bay BBQ spot started as a food trcuk pop-up but is now a community hang out spot with tables and twinkle lights when the munching goes on until late. Their wood-fired BBQ sells out every day, and even offers live music and a full bar to keep the fun going.


EST. 33 Thai Kitchen & Brewery

Before you question why a Thai brewery in Brickell City Centre is on the list, first understand that we’re still dreaming about our meal several months after trying this new jaunt. People might flock for the beers or Asian fusion dishes, but the overall show-stopper items come from the smoker–a perfect chance to show off the restaurant’s love for American BBQ. The pork ribs are succulently tender, fall-off-the-bone, lathered in an Asian-rub, and accompanied with the proper fix-ins to make your own bao buns if your heart so desires.

Courtesy: EST.33

La Traila BBQ

Calling yourself “Miami’s only Texas craft BBQ pit spot” is a serious flex, but judging by how well-received this new smoker on the block has been, we’re not surprised. After working pop-ups and collaborations for a while, La Traila built a local following hanging on their every move. And when they announced their brick & mortar earlier this year, the BBQ fans on IG went wild. Once you bit into their tender meats, you’ll realize that a drive to Miami Lakes really wasn’t so bad.

Hometown BBQ

When the Hometown BBQ joint opened up in Allapattah, it felt like the entire smokehouse scene woke up to a new era of elevated BBQ experience. In just a few short weeks, this spot and its towering hall and mouth-watering menu quickly became a Miami staple. The beer garden-esque BBQ experience was still relatively new to Miami, and these guys gave us a taste of something that states like Texas, Georgia and Kentucky have been mastering for years.

Uber Eats

Society BBQ

Chef Richard Hales–the man who knows the value of a “concept”–swapped his Sakaya shop in Midtwon to move his popular pop-up at The Citadel, Society BBQ into a new home. The smell of firewood is an instant marker for the legitimacy of the venture. The burnt ends–tender, yet crispy and lathered in sauce–are the stuff of dreams, and don’t forget to give his wife some credit for one of the best bread puddings in town.

Society BBQ

Drinking Pig BBQ

If the glowing 5-star reviews on both Google and Yelp don’t inspire to make plans for this North Miami spot, we don’t know what will. This weekend pop-up run by Raheem Sealey, Mark Wint, and Yohanir Sandoval has garnered a following so die hard, it’s a whole experience just to #securethebbq. Every item this group of flavor connoisseurs create is packed full of complex tastes, seriously trained skill and cultural influences you never knew you’ve been searching for in your BBQ. Everything is good at Drinking Pig, so get it all!

via The Hungry Black Man