While there is always something fun to do in Miami–from bustling happy hours to spending ample time under the sun–it can be hard for creatives to feel expressive and let their crafty flag fly. Luckily for us, as things continue to open up around town, the option for us to exercise our imaginative muscles are steadily increasing. If you’re looking to express yourself alone or with a crew, here are some fun things for creatives to get into:



Aside from your usual wine-fueled Painting with a Twist-style gatherings, there are plenty of places where you can either take classes or join in on some free form fun. Art Box is a great resource for hosting group classes in-person or online and offers fun happenings for adults. Paint ‘n Hang is another fun platform for letting the inner artist soar and offers more than just painting–sculpting and resin are also on the table. Miami Art Club has it all to take you from amateur to professional with everything from acrylic and oil on canvas, to printmaking and more.


Clay and pottery have gettisoned into popularity during the pandemic, and Miami is home to plenty of studios for you to get you Ghost on. Red Herring Pottery in Coral Gables has a Wednesday Night pottery class cohort that’s perfect if you want to stick to this for multiple weeks. Ceramic League of Miami has been around for years and offers classes for kids of all ages and experience levels. For funky clay classes on the potter’s wheel, head to Gumbo Limbo Pottery that can take your creations straight to market quality skill.

Literary Words

We have a soft spot for anything that Miami Book Fair puts out for the community, especially since they’ve really stuck by being “physically distant / socially engaged” during the pandemic. They created a safe space for wordsmiths all over the country with plenty of virtual creative writing workshops all geared toward different age groups, focus-points, topics, and seminars for goal-setting.


Something that has also steadily increased during Miami’s current cultural renaissance are options for viewing and visit art in all its glory. Over the course of the pandemic, plenty of Miami’s best museums and galleries shifted visiting rules to more cautionary protocols, so here’s a list of places you can feel safe to visit. If you feel more comfortable checking out art outdoors, might we suggest Collins Park at the doorstep of The Bass where several outdoor installations await your exploration. Or even taking a stroll along Wynwood graffiti and street art-lines walls. But if you prefer the big feel of a museum, here’s a list of our favorites around town.

Specialty Stores

Sometimes getting the creative juices flowing also means getting some inspiration from a little window shopping, especially is the shops in question are art-filled themselves. We don’t know about you, but there’s something so special about Comic Books and the shops that are dedicated to carrying them. Dive into the imaginative world of Gauntlet Comic Books in North Miami, where graphic novels, game, and fantasy reign supreme. Or if, just like us, music really inspires you to create, sifting through the crates at places like Sweat Records or Technique Records really gives us life.

Cover photo courtesy of PCHA Ceramic.