Few things cause greater conflict in Miami than where to get the best Latin food. And at the heart of that cause for contention is the not-so-humble croqueta. Bread, deep fried, and filled with deliciously creamy goodness, it’s hard not to smile when you see a box of those puppies appear at your office or family gathering. Whether you like the classic ‘abuela’ style or prefer something a little more daring, here are a few of the best spots to try them around town:

Dos Croquetas

In the land of Westchester, Dos Croquetas reigns pretty far up on the list and we can’t deny that the clues are literally in the name, bro. Their options are beyond insane. We’re talking buffalo crack chicken, media noche, bacon cheddar burger, and Mexican street corn all in croqueta form.
Address: 10505 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165

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Islas Canarias

One word. Three syllables. Croquetas. And while there’s a serious rivalry amongst the fried food lovers out there, it is what Islas Canarias is heavily championed for, and with good reason. We’re not biased or anything, but they have plenty of awards to prove it.

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Sanguich de Miami

After a few years of popping up around town, Sanguich de Miami finally settled along the ultimate strip for Cuban culture: Calle Ocho. Though this mouth-watering eatery specializes in, of course, sandwiches, never overlook their croquetas. They’re perfectly flavorful and on the thicker side…just the way we like it.
Address: 2057 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

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Kush by Stephen’s

But guys, how can a deli make delectable croquetas? First of all, Kush by Stephen’s is a Hialeah treasure and helmed by one of Miami’s most creative culinary teams. Pairing classic Jewish deli cooking styles with the comforting side of Cuban cooking, you have yourself items that are fried to perfection, like the “Goy-Ish Croquetas” that feature both Reuben and pastrami iterations.
Address: 1000 E 16th St, Hialeah, FL 33010

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Luis Galindo Latin America Restaurant

Sometimes the best items are served in the simplest way possible, and that’s all you need. If you’re looking for that day-to-day, “abuela-style” version, look no further than Galindo’s on the very edge of Coral Gables. And no, it doesn’t have a website which makes it all the more authentic.
Address: 898 Red Rd, West Miami, FL 33144

Burger Beast


It’s easy to be wary of any kind of franchise, even when the expansion is well-deserved. But we can easily say that Sergio’s is a homegrown favorite that has actually gotten better over time. As they’ve moved to sourcing their ingredients more sustainably, the quality of their items continues to top itself. Including their award-winning croquetas, of both the ham and the chorizo varieties.

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You can easily inside La Carreta here as well, but we wanted to end the list with the OG of Cuban eateries: Versailles. While both of the landmarks were founded by the same family, their croquetas also share a heritage, which is why you can have the same perfectly-made croqueta at both of these as well as La Palma.
Address: 3555 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

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