Sure, plenty of us look forward to happy hour for the margarita and other cocktail specials, but there are really very few things as refreshing as an ice cold beer on a hot day. In honor of National Beer Day on April 7th, we’re highlighting some sudsy go-tos of ours. Whether you like to head to breweries specifically, or just want some spots with impeccable selections and a good atmosphere, here’s a list of the best places to grab a cold one:

Barracuda’s in the Grove

One of Coconut Groves most beloved hangs, Barracuda Taphouse & Grill didn’t lose any of its nostalgic essence during the pandemic. In fact, they have taken over all of Fuller ST and filled it with trademark pink picnic tables so more locals can enjoy their endless menu of tapped beer. Check their instagram ever day for rotating specials and fun programming.

La Tropical

Cuba’s oldest brewery is now one of Miami’s youngest, and a current favorite discovery of ours. Ceveceria La Tropical recently opened on the edge of Wynwood, which makes its location perfect for not being too close to the craziness. The brewery and indoor dining space is massive and full of room, but it’s the outdoor garden area–with its overgrown foliage, built-in stage, and wrought-iron gazebo that makes it feel as tropical as its name insinuates.

Veza Sur

Aside from having a whole new slew of great suds to choose from, there’s another big reason we’re happy Miami’s brewery scene is booming: great spots like Veza Sur. While most of us already head there with a group of people in mind, it’s a fun place to get down and talk to fellow beer lovers without fear of judgement. Nerd out with the bartenders, play board games with a neighboring group of friends, and spark up a conversation with the fellow communal table crew right next to yours.

Titanic Brewery & Restaurant

Often times it’s the smaller tap houses that get overlooked from making plans for a great day. Titanic has been around for decades and has always managed to maintain that “just stumbled upon this little-known treasure” vibe. Their kitchen slings out a whole slew of perfectly-made American classics that wash down perfectly with any of their homemade ales and lagers. They recently opened a very chill outdoor patio that’s perfect for long-winded hangs over several pitchers.


For more casual hangs at a more conventionally beachy spot, you can always trust Shuckers to deliver. A beloved Miami classic, with fresh seafood, casual eats and cocktails, and a wide open patio with the best ocean breeze, it’s no wonder it’s a mainstay favorite. People come from all over town (whether by land or by sea) to try their award-winning wings or to watch an endless lineup of sports, but we head over for their insanely good beer pitcher deals on a light and breezy day.

Keg South

The name pretty much does the work for us here, but this isn’t your average sports bar. It’s been open since the 60s and has barely changed since which, in Miami, is a rarity. People flock to Keg South from all over the city to munch on the keg burger and special grilled chicken wings but it’s the many local beers on tap that make you feel at home.

EST.33 Thai Brewery & Kitchen

From the mind of Head Brewer and Miami native, Todd Space, the beer selection at EST.33 will satisfy both the leisure beer drinker and the avid craft addict. There are currently four perfected beers on the menu: the malty 33 Pale Ale, the Aromatic Snowy summer wheat, the light and sweet Vienna-style One & Only Kopper, and the Legend Lager which is favored in Thailand for its golden body. Our advice would be to snag a flight and try them all, then come back over the next few months as they continue to expand their refreshing selection.

Boxelder Craft Beer Market

Over the years, Wynwood became synonymous with beers as a whole crop of craft breweries called the neighborhood home. Some of the larger ones are usually crowded and bumping heavy music, but we still love to pop in for a good old hop now and again. Boxelder Craft Beer Market has never changed it’s low-key vibe, though several things about it have. Like its rotating beer list and outdoor food pop-ups on the weekends.

Spanish Marie

Spanish Marie is a warm and intimate, new beer outpost to add to Miami’s already growing list of breweries around town. They call themselves a ‘Prohibition Era-style Craft Brewery’ and when you see the attention to detail they exude from their interior design to the storytelling behind eat brew, you’ll see why.