Spring has pretty much sprung, and for most of us that means spending more time outdoors getting ready for summer. This period calls to mind the great outdoor fish fry and BBQs with slightly sunburnt noses and refreshing beers in hand. South Florida boasts some of the freshest seafood in the land, no need to pay top dollar for imported goods when the best is just a few miles off our own coast. When looking for good fish or seafood, sometimes its the spots you least expect that reel in the best catches. Here’s our selection of classic markets to check out:

Shore to Door Fish Market

This Coconut Grove spot is a true local favorite. Open on the weekends, the rotating menu is dependent on what they’ve caught over the week. Call ahead to place an order for fresh seafood pick-up, or pop in on Saturdays & Sundays for delicious food cooked by the owners themselves in their outdoor patio.
Address: 3380 Douglas Rd, Miami, FL 33133

Triad Seafood Market & Cafe

If you’re like us, you’ll drive as far as you need to for really good food, and Triad Seafood in Everglades City is among the very best. Pop in for fresh catches or seafood by the pound, or park it along the Barron River and have it prepared blackened, Cajun-style, or fried for you. The kicker here is to come early enough and pair your seafood feast with their epic pecan pie which sells out in minutes.
Address: 401 W School Dr, Everglades City, FL 34139

Plaza Seafood Market

Since 1980, this Allapattah gem has been serving fresh seafood to both families and restaurants alike. Before the neighborhood began to grow around it, Plaza Seafood was the spot to go to for fresh catches on the mainland. Walk through plastic curtains and into their vast market with rows upon rows of fish and seafood on ice, and take your pick!
Address: 3114 NW 17th Ave, Miami, FL 33142

Garcia’s or Casablanca, take your pick.

This is one split camp within Miami’s seafood and fish connoisseurs. Both of these Miami River strongholds have been serving up fresh catches for years, and though both have seen many expansions as their popularity grew, they have still retained their legendary status among both locals and travelers. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a little fresh fish along the river.
Garcia’s Address: 398 NW N River Dr, Miami, FL 33128
Casablanca Address: 404 NW N River Dr, Miami, FL 33128

La Camaronera

When we talk about iconic Latin spots in Miami, this one is usually never too far behind on the list. La Camaronera was founded by a family of Cuban fishermen, so they certainly made their mark decades ago. Whether you head there for your own fish to fry, or sit down and try their legendary Pan Con Minuta sandwich, you can’t go wrong.
Address: 1952 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33135

Fresh Florida Fisheries

Founded by Ossiel Sanchez, son of the fisherman behind Casablanca, Fresh Florida Fisheries is all about well, being as fresh as possible. There’s nothing more straight to the point than the way these guys value bringing good catches to their customers, so make sure to head here when you want something straight out of the water.
Address: 2238 SW 57th Ave #2235, Miami, FL 33155

FreshCo Fish Market

What started as a seafood wholesale business transformed into a passion for giving people a good quality food experience with a mom and pop feel. FreshCo Fish Market‘s original location is located in the heart of Kendall, and has bridged the gap between homegrown seafood and classic dishes that present their high quality goods in the best light.
Address: 12700 SW 122nd Ave #113, Miami, FL 33186

Krudo Fish Market

The secret behind Krudo is a dedicated commitment to serve the very best. Krudo was created with the intent of becoming a place where people could come and experience the amazing taste and flavors of local fresh-from-the-ocean kosher seafood.
Address: 17092 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Golden Rule

An iconic South Florida landmark dating back to 1943, Golden Rule Seafood is a classic seafood market and full-service restaurant specializing in locally inspired comfort foods. A long-time family-owned and operated business, they offer a vast selection of items fresh-from-the-sea and the friendliest service on land.
Address: 17505 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33157

Keys Fisheries

Located in the heart of the Florida Keys, just North of the 7 Mile Bridge in Marathon, Keys Fisheries is perfect for all visitors to the gorgeous, tropical paradise that is the fabulous Florida Keys. Their Florida Keys seafood restaurant is located on the edge of Florida Bay with gorgeous views and exceptional sunsets on tap for our valued clientele.
Address: 3502 Gulfview Ave, Marathon, FL 33050

Cover photo via Robalo.