Miami-Dade’s western corridor is ranked high on the list of one of its most residential areas. This means that a lot of Miami’s locals look to spend most of their lives in the area, and that while you might see plenty of luscious roads, large houses, and strip malls, there are also hidden gems and local secrets spread out among the neighborhood. A few of our past Kendall round-ups have hit home for some of you, so we thought we’d bring another big list to the table of place you might or might not know:

Hate Mondays Tavern

There’s a glowing 5-star rating for the West Kendall outpost that is Hate Mondays Tavern, serving up classic BBQ with a Latin twist outside of a warehouse bay.

Tacos & Tattoos

For a while now, Tacos & Tattoos has been a household name in the neighborhood and all over Miami–you can guess what they’re known for. This spot has a serious cult following for locals around town, who don’t mind making the trek.

Spanish Marie

Spanish Marie is a warm and intimate, new beer outpost to add to Miami’s already growing list of breweries around town. They call themselves a ‘Prohibition Era-style Craft Brewery’ and when you see the attention to detail they exude from their interior design to the storytelling behind eat brew, you’ll see why.

Mr & Mrs. Bun

Mr. & Mrs. Bun in West Kendall is a Miami local favorite and has been comforting our souls with their stellar sandwiches for years. This family-owned, mom and pop spot specializes in Peruvian-fusion eats we love.

Indian Hammocks Park

Indian Hammocks Park down in Kendall is a perfect example of our region’s many native environments while still keeping a well-trimmed space for all kinds of activities. There are plenty of trails here for walks in nature, a sports center featuring 36 holes of disc golf plus a skateboard court with ramps & a skate shop.

Islas Canarias

One word. Three syllables. Croquetas. And while there’s a serious rivalry amongst the fried food lovers out there, it is what Islas Canarias is heavily championed for, and with good reason. We’re not biased or anything, but they have plenty of awards to prove it.


We know female chefs are rare in the industry, but Kendall actually embraces some heavy-hitters with pride. Eileen Andrade’s Cuban fusion locale, Finka was whole-heartedly appreciated almost instantly, and her newer concept, Amelia’s 1931 is an equally wonderful ode to her family and roots under one roof.

Strange Beast

Both their pizzas and beer are available for pickup and delivery! The West Kendall Pizzeria and Brewpub are currently open for delivery seven days a week. They’re also dropping new cans of their collaborations with Tripping Animals and Unseen Creatures.

Strawberry Fields of Kendall

Surprisingly enough, there’s actually strawberry picking at the Strawberry Fields of Kendall which is just as fun as it sounds. South Florida has several U-Pick locations around, and this one is so pleasant because it’s in the most unexpected of places.

Bagel Express

Kendall is low-key one of Miami’s best areas for some seriously good food, and while mini malls might not look like your first destination to eat high-quality goods, it’s places like Bagel Express that prove us wrong. This bakery & deli is a local favorite and dishes out some of the best bagels in town. We have it on good authority that their veggie spread is the best in town, so don’t miss it!

Arcade Odyssey

You can spend a whole afternoon and into late evening playing all kinds of video games at Arcade Odyssey, downing beers and reliving Super Smash Bros tournaments. If you are looking for a decked-out location that’ll throw you back in time with its retro feel and classic arcade games, then Arcade Odyssey is the place to hit up with perfect company. This arcade may be one of the smaller ones in South Florida, but it doesn’t shine any less.

Hungry Bear

For those going to high school in the area, Hungry Bear and their epic subs were a perfect reason to play hookie. For all the sub lovers out there who find it easy to complain about the usual meager portions that chain sandwich spots dish out, this place will not disappoint.

Super Wheels

Of course, there’s Super Wheels which actually is popping just as hard as ever and has 18+ nights on Mondays featuring cameos by some of Miami’s best DJs. No matter the age and level of cool, Super Wheels was the prime spot for birthdays and weekends. It’s the only premier skating center in Miami still around, and the nightly themed skates are still every bit as fun. DJs and funky lights are definitely still the vibe there too.


We’ve always said that Kendall is secretly one of Miami’s strongest neighborhoods for food, and Shibui is one of the reasons why. What might seem like a humble, family-run Japanese spot is actually a well for some of the most flavorful and fresh sushi in town.

Pizza Johny’s

A true OG Miami spot, Pizza Johny’s is a go-to for many locals in and out of Kendall. This pizza spot is a no-frills, homegrown secret. And honestly, what hits the spot better than a good slice of pizza? Here, you can pick from NYC style slices and think, square pies, plus endless toppings, appetizers, hot dishes, and drool-worthy desserts.

Cover photo via Spanish Marie.