Being outdoors is easily the safest way to get a great kick out of your time while the pandemic still looms around the world. Luckily for us, South Florida provides a perfect backdrop for getting sporty. And for those of you who yearn for a thrill while staying active, there are plenty of options for getting into something extreme. Whether it’s death-defying heights or water-bound delights, here are some great ideas for the adrenaline addict in your life:

Rock Climbing

If you don’t mind heights or challenging yourself, then head over to The Edge Rock Gym in Miami or projectROCK in Fort Lauderdale for some hours of climbing, bouldering, and rappelling of all kinds. Both are well worth the drive for lessons and indoor adventures.

Adventure Water Sports

There are plenty of things to do that involve water in South Florida, some are more extreme than others. Our favorite spot for kiteboarding and kitesurfing would be Miami Kiteboarding which operates out of both Crandon Park and North Beach. If you want to go to new heights, Miami Flyboarding and Jet Ski is a great one-stop-shop for speed and soaring.

Kart Racing

Are you in the need for speed? Good thing that there’s an option for letting out that competitive side we all have inside. K1 Speed is a great option for indoor racing, featuring K1 go carts to let out the inner Mario Kart lover.


Of course everyone’s go-to idea of an adrenaline-seeking activity is skydiving and while Miami’s options for conquering this fear might be slim, our favorite spot is Skydive Miami which births out of the historic Homestead Airport for a more remote feel.

Indoor Skydiving

If you’re not fully ready to conquer the skies, there’s still a way to get the skydiving feeling while still relatively close to the ground. iFly Fort Lauderdale offers safe and fun indoor skydiving that makes your dream flight a reality in no time.


Usually this water activity can only be done if you have access to a boat. But luckily for those of you out there hankering to try Wakeboarding, the best spot to head to as a beginner would be Miami Watersports Complex. They offer cables, lessons, and boat-ridden wakeboarding plus an inflatable aqua park for those who might not yet have their fears conquered.

Trampoline Park

Still want to get some air without using the water or wind? Why not try a trampoline park and bounce your way up? It looks like Doral and Kendall are the best neighborhoods to head for massive indoor trampoline parks like Sky Zone, LAUNCH, and Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

Cover photo via Groupon.