Getting around during a pandemic has definitely not been easy. We don’t know about you but all of this isolation has us yearning for connection, building up our wanderlust more than ever. Gone are the days of freely discovering faraway places or even taking in innovative culture in our own backyard. Luckily for us, our planet’s artists have not stopped creating, and the treat we’ve been waiting for is just around the corner. The multi-country, virtual performance series Long Distance Affair is back next month and we’re already dusting off our passports.

Only 9 months ago, two powerful site-specific, immersive theater companies joined forced to bring us right into the homes of performers from around the world for the very first edition of Long Distance Affair. Juggerknot Theatre Company, well-known for their beloved Miami Motel Stories; and the New York-based, PopUp Theatrics are once again combining their prowess to give curious culture vultures a taste of the soul quenching we’ve all been missing. And from February 11th – 21st you can bring this experience to your own screens.

As the Mexico City playwright, Alfonso Carcamo says: “Today like never before, distances are only in the imagination” as you’ll be getting face to face with 18 artists from 6 different countries around the world. Mumbai, Portland, Mexico City, Lagos, Beirut, and Los Angeles are all on the agenda and each act will be entirely unique. Don’t think for a second that the visceral experience of a live theater performance will be strained just because it’s virtual: “Embracing all the amazing uncertainty of ‘live’ performances is still true in the online world. How we can create surprise and spontaneity on the screen is a wonderful challenge as a writer” says Mumbai playwright, Dipti Bramhandkar.

“The beautiful thing – one of the beautiful things – about Long Distance Affair is that it was conceived to bridge seemingly insurmountable distances to create a context for artistic collaboration across impossible borders and barriers. While in this moment of pandemic and quarantine, that need seems ever more pressing. It has always been crucial that people have a chance to create and revel in our shared experience and our ineffable, gorgeous difference. Getting a magical glimpse into rooms across the world where weird and wonderful, scary and joyous human dramas are unfolding even as we watch–and where we are not simple observers but intimate confidants, invited voyeurs, necessary witnesses–creates a sense of connection to the “other” in ways that only theatre makes possible. – Michael John Garces, Portland playwright

From February 11th – 21st, you can tune into intimate, 10-minute encounters that span the entire globe, choosing to check out three cities or all six and breaking down physical barriers through virtual connections. “Someone across the globe is reaching out just for you,” said Tanya Bravo, of Juggerknot Theatre Company. “What will be the result when you and a perfect stranger meet with only a computer screen between you? Join us, and make possible an impossible trip!”

For more information on showtimes and tickets, check it all out here. And don’t forget to use the discount code: Prism50 to get 50% off your ticket.

Cover photo via Hanohiki/Adobe Stock.