In case your New Year’s resolutions aren’t going to plan, we thought we’d remind you of the wonderful world of potatoes…and their infinitely delicious forms. In this case, we’re focusing on fries. Whether you like them bistro-style, sweet, fat, or covered in interesting toppings, many of you came back with your absolute favorite spots to grab a comforting bag. So here’s our first take on the best places to snag all kinds of fries around town, broken down by kind:

French-Style & Crispy

Greenstreet Cafe – The ultimate French bistro in the heart of Coconut Grove has done many things right, and their fries are no exception. Thin and crispy and perfectly paired with a burger or cut of steak.

The Lido Bayside Grill – Indulge in more than just bay views at The Standard’s waterfront dining hub. Here you’ll find a great poolside menu where their fries border between thin and thick, but still keep that crispy crunch.

Bazille – Inside Nordstrom at Merrick Park lies this unassuming bistro that has pleased shoppers for years. While the name and menu have changed, their thin and crispy fries have stayed the best item to get, especially with their trademark olive tapenade sauce.


Verde – This waterfront bistro calls the PAMM home, and is low-key one of our favorite spots to dine regardless of visiting the museum. They recently re-launched their menu, and with it has come some perfectly light and crunchy fries worthy of a trip.

Burger & Beer Joint – If you’re looking for fries that’ll get you as close to fast food satisfaction as you want, this is the place to head to. Their fries are classically cut and perfectly salted, a nice side to their towering burgers.

Thick & Potato-Forward

Fiorito – For that fat-cut, pub-style selection of fries, this Little Haiti stronghold is a great place to check out. Argentineans know their meats, and what’s a better accompaniment to a churrasco then perfectly fried potatoes?

Over Under – This Downtown watering hole is good for more than just its low-key atmosphere, badass drinks, and local DJs. Their food is some of the most comforting in town…including these crispier cousins of our favorite style from Five Guys or BurgerFi.

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Mandolin – Another continuation of the Five Guys-style fries are those being slung out of one of Miami’s most charming eateries. Mandolin is consistently great at many things, and these bites are no different.

High Tide Beach Bar & Grill – We don’t always make our way to the beach but when we do, it’s for worthy food excursions. Look away from your usual hotel restaurant and you’ll find that The newly renovated Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel has much to get you excited about…like their perfectly cut fries, which came at a high recommendation from our readers.

Bourbon Steak – This classic American steakhouse by Michael Mina is a beloved go-to for many locals looking to celebrate. And while your eyes might turn toward the more extravagant dishes, don’t skimp on the fries…which come with a trio of homemade sauces.

Funky Shapes & Flavors

Flanigan’s – Few names evoke growing up in Miami than Flanigan’s. Who doesn’t have a soft spot for this laid-back family restaurant covered in fishing paraphernalia? Their customers might have aged over the years but we all get a kick over their delicious curly fries.

Monty’s – Another homegrown name for happy hour hanging is Monty’s, either on the Beach or in the Grove. Of course, their seafood is a true attraction but we’re always a sucker for their block of curly fries perfect for pulling apart and sharing.

Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill

El Mago de Las Fritas – Arguing over which Cuban stronghold makes the best fritas is reserved for another listicle. Here, we’re talking about this Callo Ocho favorite’s side of fries which, to every inner child’s delight, come crinkly a-la Shake Shack.

Motek Cafe – From the moment Motek moved into its digs in Downtown Miami, it began generating buzz. Not just because they’re serving some of the most authentic Israeli street food in town, but because their Za’atar fries–all herbs and seasoning–are absolutely addicting.

Le Chick – There are plenty of contenders for great truffle fries around town, but we’ve given this Wynwood spot the gold star. Not only because their upscale menu and impeccable service make the entire experience positively memorable, but because those truffle fries are nestled under a tower of parmesan cheese so high you almost forget what you ordered–and we truly appreciate that.

Worthy Alternatives

Lokal/Kush – Sometimes you want the satisfaction of fries but without the 100% guilt. Which is why Lokal’s (or anything by Kush) 50/50 fries is such a comfort in more ways than one. Go half sweet, half classic and full “mmmmm”. Make sure to ask for a side of their in-house honey mustard for the perfect sauce sidekick.

Sherwoods Bistro – There are plenty of things to love about this Little Haiti gem, but we always make sure to get a side of sweet potato fries here no matter the occasion. Theirs are massively cut, sprinkled with salt, and roasted to perfection.

Monsieur Poutine – While we personally haven’t tried this insanely creative food truck’s fare yet, their menu alone has inspired us to venture out. If you think fries are a little boring alone, then you won’t be disappointed with things like Philly cheesesteak, buffalo chicken, and pepperoni pizza…on top of fries.


Harry’s Pizza – You might be asking yourself why a pizza spot is on a listicle for fries, and here’s why. For a more filling and creative alternative to the classic potato, we suggest trying their polenta fries which, quite literally, are mouth-watering.

Doggi’s Arepa Bar – There are plenty of options for some good yuca fries around town, what with our close ties to the Caribbean and South America. But among the shining stars is this beloved Venezuelan treasure whose yuca fries come slathered in queso blanco and other aromatics.

Cover photo via Bourbon Steak Miami.