While Miami is, of course, a cafecito kingdom, there are some of us who prefer caffeine that comes in the herbal, loose leaf kind. Finding good tea (and we’re not talking about bubble here) is actually not so hard in South Florida, especially given our close relationship with the tropical earth. There are plenty of local tea rooms for hanging, tea shops for buying, or just great local tea brands for supporting, so if you’re looking to celebrate International Tea Day (December 15th), here are just a few of our favorites:

specialTEA Lounge & Cafe

For over a decade, this Asian tea specialist has been steeping some series leaves out near Tamiami Park. Their shop is a no-frills place with fluffy booths, comfortable atmosphere, and shelves upon shelves of tea barrels that pair perfectly with their delicious menu of all-day bites. MORE INFO

JoJo Tea

Who knew a tea brand could reach celebrity status reserved for local names like Panther Coffee? Well, Jojo Tea did and they did it all based on their love for tea and the amazing product that it birthed. This is a wonderful place to find stellar quality teas as well as treat someone to an intimate tasting experience. MORE INFO

JoJo Tea

Agasajo Restaurant

Nestled comfortably in the former Small Tea space, this Coral Gables newcomer oozes a sleek vibe you’re not usually used to when it comes to tea rooms. Their modern, gastronomic menu is what might bring the crowds in, but it’s their “Scent Station” that keeps the tea-heads in for long periods of time. 80+ varieties to sniff, explore, and ask plenty of questions about. MORE INFO

Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse

Another top-rated spot by our local followers, this one was an absolute gem to discover. They turn making coffee and brewing a perfect cup of tea into an art form, and we’re not just talking about the photography and visual art that pepper the walls. It’s a perfect vibe for any time of day. MORE INFO

Brewing Buddha

The Alchemist

One of our favorite places to go to in Wilton Manors/Fort Lauderdale, their second location in Aventura is just as charming. With a luscious outdoor courtyard and rustic aesthetic, this local gem is primarily known for its coffee though their tea menu deserves a serious shoutout too. MORE INFO

Tea & Poets

This mixed-use concept store is an absolute gem when it comes to the Sunset Place area. Part artisanal market featuring local makers, part coffee, tea, and bite purveyor, and part entertainment venue where monthly poetry readings and spoken words take place. MORE INFO

Tea & Poets

My Tea Bar

Down in The Falls is this straightforward tea shop that offers a wide variety of loose leaf and pre-bagged options. Not only is their range of selections impressive, but so are their added contraptions that make your tea drinking experience and expert-level moment even if you’re just getting into the wild world of tea. MORE INFO

Desert Sage

This lifestyle and wellness brand birthed in Coconut Grove is as beautiful as they come. Swoon over their aromatherapy lines or soy wax candles, but it’s the fine leaf tea we’re here to talk about. Their hand-blended and crafted selection is stunning and features rarities from all over the world–including lines by female tea makers and far-off places. MORE INFO

Desert Sage

Lily & Rose Tearoom

We figures some of you are still hankering for that old-world chic that comes with a true-to-form afternoon tea room. They serve a variety of delicious sweets and pastries that are framed expertly for their adorable dining room and luscious tea selections. MORE INFO

Tea Room at Cauley Square

Cauley Square is one of South-Dade’s most beautiful destinations for local and artisanal goods in a natural and historical setting. The Tea Room is set in a historical cottage, so what could be more quaint? It’s a perfect place for an intimate celebration that leaves a long-lasting impression. MORE INFO

Tea Room Miami

Cover photo by JoJo Tea.