While Thanksgiving might be one of America’s most prized celebrations, it has become eclipsed by something more sinister and obsessive: Black Friday. With all the deals and steals that we’re bombarded with in stores and online, it’s hard to escape the tsunami of spending it entails. But we here at Culture Crusaders care more about the day after that: Small Business Saturday. Instead of spending your dollars at huge box stores and outlets, impact your local economy by shopping at great Miami small businesses instead, and celebrating the entrepreneurs who own them while you’re at it.

Here is an eclectic list to get started for all your shopping needs:


The WOW Center is a non-profit that provides quality programs for adults with developmental disabilities. The WOW Center empowers individuals with disabilities to flourish, explore their potential, establish a sense of community and attain independence and jobs if able. This week, the WOW Center came together with Hueman Kind merch, to create some really cool merchandise designed by talented local creatives ​to help raise funds for next year’s programs​.​ ​The merchandise will launch on Friday and their goal is for people to buy one and gift one.


Courtney’s Cookies are artisan crafted, organic, gluten-free, vegan, low-glycemic and exaggeratedly delicious. Courtney’s Cookies is on a mission to break the stigma that healthy food doesn’t taste good. All cookies are loaded with nutrient-dense, superfood ingredients and are overflowing with exquisite flavors. The online store offers :cookies, ice-cream sandwiches, CBD cookies, cookie cakes and raw cookie dough. You can also find Courtney’s mouth watering cookies at coffee and tea shops all throughout Miami.



Union Beer Store is a funky taproom, beer market, and growler bar offering a unique and rare selection of craft-beer and delicious eats. Not only is the tap list constantly rotating, but they offer an extensive selection of brews, you can take home. That means, all cans and bottles can be ordered to-go or delivery! If the taproom gets a little too noisy for you, there’s a charming little garden patio in the back, where you can sip and relax. Union beer store also sells merch, including : hats, shirts, glassware and accessories. So be sure to support one of Little Havana’s lively hidden gems.

via Union Beer Store Facebook


Technique Records is an independent record store located in the Upper East Side / Miami Shores district. This enticing record store, houses over 15,000 used records, 45s, cassettes, cds & more. And if you can’t make up your mind after an hour of deep digging, the store has amazing staff picks, suggested just for you! Wish You Were Gear is conveniently located inside the shop, offering new and used gear from Moog, Make Noise, Intellijel & more. New record arrivals drop daily, so make sure to make an ​appointment​!

via Technique Records Facebook


Pro-Play Games is a trading card game shop that sells and buys a wide array of trading​ ​card games, such as: Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Super, Magic: The Gathering,​ ​VanGuard and much more! The shop has ample space for tabletop gaming, tournaments, events and also provides plenty of online content that can be found on YouTube. Pro-Play Games takes pride in offering the lowest price online, the fastest shipping time and the best​ ​quality products possible. Stop by and check out this lucky find, located right in front of FIU’S main campus.



SpecialTea Lounge & Cafe is a one of a kind tea shop, located in the heart of Westchester. They serve over 60 premium fresh loose leaf teas and tisanes. SpecialTea encourages the community to be more environmentally conscious and offers a great cup of tea and a cozy place to wind down. SpecialTea uses all organic products and is extremely earth/eco-friendly. They use local and organic ingredients and materials to create delectable meals, teas, coffees, smoothies and more.

SpecialTea Lounge

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