The year has been a weird one, but that hasn’t changed the fact that we all have important milestones–from birthdays to anniversaries–to celebrate. However, finding a fun location to commemorate these moments while still remaining cautious and responsible has been difficult. Not so hard that it doesn’t exist. Here are a few ideas for spots to hold small gatherings in case you really have an itch to celebrate:

Movie Theaters

One of the best birthdays I’ve been to involved having an entire movie theater to ourselves and guess what? You can have the same experience! You can rent an entire AMC Safe & Clean auditorium for up to 20 guests. Choose from fan favorite flicks at $99 or new releases at $149–split 20 ways, that’s a steal. Same thing goes for SilverSpot in Downtown, the luxury cinemas are running a $99/20ppl special until January 3rd.


We know that the popularity of Topgolf was high before the pandemic happened, but the way it’s built up actually makes it a perfect spot for some fun celebratory times. Each bay at the towering driving range has a 6-person capacity, so if you want a larger party, everyone can be safely separated. You can reserve everything in advance so that getting that is as efficient, safe, and easy as possible.

Parks & Beach

Both of these options seem pretty obvious to us all, but they already force us to be a little more selective on who we want to gather with. Considering that keeping distance is important right now, you don’t want to show up 30 people deep like old times and expect people to think you’re being sensitive to the stressful times. We have a great round up of parks we love to host gatherings at. And another guide to the more remote beaches that are best for having space.

Luscious Gardens

Outdoors is the name of the game as we continue to monitor the COVID numbers in our community. This is why the many botanical gardens that call South Florida home make a great destination to plan a fun get together. Pick a time, beautiful garden, and tell your friends to meet you there. Stroll through the tropical grounds at your own pace, keep your distance, and be as safe as you want to be. Here’s a list of South Florida gardens we love.


Very few spots give you as many photo opportunities as rooftops do, especially around sunset. Good thing that Miami’s penchant for drinking and getting together has given us plenty of options for rooftop hangs. Whether it’s a bougie bar you’re looking for, a funky community hang, or something a little more charming and intimate, check out this selection of great South Florida rooftops.

Margot at Nikki Beach

It’s quite clear that the branding that goes into natural wine bottles is a constant rotation of hand-crafted art, and what better way to enjoy the designs than with the breathtakingly bohemian backdrop that Margot Natural Wine Bar provides. While the team behind The Broken Shaker awaits opening its official outpost in Downtown, they’ve popped up at Nikki Beach with a beautiful concept revolving around nothing but natural wine.

Cover photo via Topgolf.