Shutting out the world and escaping somewhere nice is sounding pretty good to us right now. We’re the first ones to say that Miami has a lot to offer when it comes to diversions, but sometimes even that just isn’t enough. The great thing about living in South Florida, though, is that some great towns and cities are just a few hours away by car. So whether it’s sand or breweries you’re looking to spend time in, here are a few easy rides and the guides to get you through them:


Escaping the drink-heavy avenues of Key West, Islamorada is its slower, more charming sister. It’s the land of bougainvilleas and iguanas, where historical shacks are as breathtaking as the water views. Somehow Islamorada has managed to retain the slow pace of a sleepy beach town while still offering eclectic happenings within its small borders. This mix opens up the floor for friendly conversations, turning smiles into life stories within minutes. Plus, the drive there is filled with funky stops to keep the trip upbeat. FIND OUT MORE


West Palm Beach

Living in South Florida, we’ve known Palm Beach County to be one level. Prim, up-scale, and a majority one-sided. Over recent years, we’ve been hearing buzzing about a bursting creative scene happening up, regardless of our hesitance. When we made our way up there, we were met with kind local business owners, passionate creatives, and blown expectations. We’re confident to say that you will be too. FIND OUT MORE


Key West

For many South Floridians, the soul of Key West tends to elude us–is it old Florida? Is it our very own capital of debauchery? Much like Miami, this little treasure trove at the tip of our state has been mistakenly identified as ‘party town USA’, like a sub-tropical recreation of Bourbon ST. While that essence might still be there in some ways, we uncovered a whole world of historical gems preserved in time, a strong artisan and small business community, and the low-key way of life only the South can provide. FIND OUT MORE


Fort Lauderdale

For Miamians, Fort Lauderdale seems like something we all know well. Whether it was from long family beach days or nighttime ventures in the 954. But Fort Laudy Daudy’s more similar to Miami than we like to admit. First, just like the 305, it’s true identity is masked by luxury and a proximity to a beach. When really, the true FTL is all about the charming corners, luscious canals, and epic small businesses that have helped keep it eclectic and weird in all the best ways. You might have only ventured up for a show at Culture Room or Revolution Live and while they are both great reasons to drive up, we’re here to prove there’s so much more to our neighboring city. FIND OUT MORE


Tampa & St. Pete

When planning a road trip or any sort of adventure that takes you out of the house and away from your hometown, every base needs to be covered. To us, a well-rounded excursion has equal amounts of art, revelry, wonder, and of course…indulgence. While many of us might know Tampa as a classic Florida college town and St. Pete as some sleepy, beachside wonder, you’ll be surprised by the sense of welcoming “chill” you feel from these sister cities. From breweries and puppy parties, to speakeasies and Buddhist escapes…Tampa will be a surprise to say the least. FIND OUT MORE


Need More?

If you’re looking for something a little closer but equally as luscious, here’s our guide to spending a perfect day down south in Homestead and The Redlands. Or maybe you need something even further? Here’s a round-up of Florida springs poised for an off-the-grid camping trip, and even more day trips here.

Please note: due to the changing economic landscape as a result of the pandemic, some of these guides might not be fully up to date. We are doing our best to keep them as accurate as possible.

Cover photo: FujiFilmGirl