Yoga studios and fitness centers were one of the many businesses hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic; many having to close their doors forever. But Miami’s very own Ahana Yoga, located in the Design District, has remained a pillar of love and hope through these challenging times.

The day Miami started going into quarantine, founder and teacher Dawn Feinberg rounded up her team and began building Ahana’s online platform. Less than two weeks later, was up and running offering high quality yoga and meditation videos as well as live streamed classes for the masses. Now.Ahana offers everything from a 20-minute, Get Up & Go Power Flow with Dawn, to a deep meditation class with Ahana’s meditation teacher Michael Stasko. The idea for Ahana online had been floating around, but the pandemic prompted Dawn and the Ahana team to hit the ground running in order to keep the community alive and to support humans through connection and movement in the toughest of times.

During quarantine, Ahana revamped their physical spaces and turned two studios into one larger, more breathable space that would allow practitioners to feel comfortable and distanced once students were allowed to practice back in the studio. But once things started opening back up and fitness studios required masks, Ahana moved their classes to Jungle Plaza, a large, outdoor space right across the street from the enclosed studio.

These sweaty outdoors classes quickly started filling up. Ahana regulars returned to practice in-person, as well as new community members who have trouble following at-home videos and Zoom classes. Now, Ahana is offering classes outside, morning and evening, 7 days a week. Sometimes classes get so packed, that unexpected rain clouds have the crowd of yogis happily downward dogging in the downpour.

Ahana’s classes are energetic and physical, yet accessible to all body types and experience levels. Classes typically begin with a theme rooted in ancient yogic philosophy as well as chanting led by the instructor, followed by a non-stop flow accompanied by motivating music, and a playful, comforting teaching approach.

The feeling in each class at Ahana is one of pure community, and practicing together under the Miami skies makes it even more magical. Throughout the years, Ahana has become a family of Miami yogis, and Covid has shown the resilience and adaptability of its teachers, employees, and students. Becoming a part of that is not only a way to support oneself, but to support Miami and the people who make it what it is. If you want to try and don’t know where to start, Ahana offers a free class every Thursday at 7p.m. at the heart of the Design District. This Thursday is their anniversary, so what better chance to check it out?

]Allegra will be leading her signature Jellyfish Jam at Ahana this Saturday, October 24th at 7pm. The event will be outside at Jungle Plaza and will be an hour straight of sweaty dancing followed by a guided meditation. All ages and all levels. Wear comfortable shoes, yoga mat not required.
$25 per person. For details and tickets visit Eventbrite.

All photos via Ahana’s Facebook page.