South Florida might not be the world’s biggest fan of pumpkin spiced latte, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy a good fall-flavored snack. While we might not experience a drastic change of season like the rest of the world, we still get excited when beloved spots roll out their seasonal menus and specialty items. We scoured the city for beloved spots serving up dishes and drinks just in time for Autumn:

American Social

Beginning October 12 through November 30, guests at American Social can enjoy the flavors of Fall all day, every day without leaving South Florida. Made with real pumpkin puree, Captain Morgan Sliced Apple and a splash of ginger beer, AmSo’s Apple Pumpkin Mule combines all of Fall’s favored flavors to create the ultimate comforting cocktail.

American Social

Dough Girl Cookies

We’ve mentioned this local baker’s account before, but Dough Girl Cookies deserves all the spotlights it can get. This is the over-the-top cookie that’s perfect for your food porn feeds, but somehow her creations never feel too sweet or too heavy (or even too expensive). For fall, she’s rolled out insane items like a pumpkin de leche cookie and a Halloween-inspired special called ‘Spooky Boo’.

Sweetflour Bake Shop

Another new addition to Miami’s baked good game is Sweetflour Bake Shop and we have a lot to say about this absolutely charming baker. There is absolutely nothing Juli can’t do. In fact, she is even open to satisfying any craving you might have, no matter the craziness of it! She has a fall cookie menu that features pecan praline and pumpkin snickerdoodle and fresh pumpkin bread, with our without a Nutella swirl.

Juli Sweet Flour Bakeshop

The Salty Donut

As always, The Salty is everyone’s favorite go-to local spot for a sweet binge. They’ve been consistently leading the pack with some of the most creative concoctions year after year, and while 2020 has taken a lot from us, this is one thing that hasn’t changed. They’re serving up a Pumpkin Spice Latte (of course), Pumpkin Pie Cake donut, and Pumpkin donut holes among many other upcoming creations.

The Salty

Fireman Derek’s

Okay so maybe this bake shop has these items all year around, but that shouldn’t discount them from the list of fall-flavored treats. Known originally for their pies, get in on some classic apple, chocolate pecan, and pumpkin to kick things off. Moving on to cheesecakes, Fireman Derek’s pumpkin version is absolutely supreme.

Fireman Derek’s

The Little Sugars

We’ve loved The Little Sugars for years now, and their adorable, artisanal creations cover all manner of beauty and flavors that make it well worth the trip to Hollywood.  Every year Sarah and her team whip up some completely adorable fall-flavored bites for everyone’s cravings. This year you can UberEats her mini pumpkin and pecan chocolate bourbon pies, and pumpkin cheesecake bars, right to your door.

The Little Sugars

SpecialTea Lounge

We’ve always said that some of Miami’s most delicious hidden gems are nestled comfortably around its borders. Out west on Coral Way lies SpealTEA Lounge where homemade bites are created with nothing but love (and maybe a little sugar). For fall, you can dive right into a pack of their vegan pumpkin spice chocolate truffles or vegan pumpkin pie cakes and not know the difference.


Bulla Gastrobar

Savor Spain’s take on Fall at Bulla with the filling and flavorful Short Ribs, served with caramelized onions, homemade potato chips and salsa criolla. Discover where the sea meets land with the new Scallops with Cauliflower Puree, made with herb marinated oyster mushrooms, shaved cauliflower and chorizo vinaigrette. Pair your Fall favorites with the aromatic Bianco Negroni.

Bulla Gastrobar

Pisco y Nazca

Pisco y Nazca’s Fall menu features new spins on Peruvian classics. Fusing flavors from Peru’s Amazon with seasonal staples, the Ceviche de la Selva combines invigorating ceviche with comforting sweet potato crisps. What is Fall without dessert? The new creamy Bunuelos de Yuca pairs Peruvian lucuma (A subtly sweet Peruvian superfruit) ice cream with airy, fried yuca bites tossed in warm honey to make for the ultimate decadent dessert.

Cover photo by Fireman Derek’s.