Vanta Black pays tribute to victims of gun violence, domestic violence, and police brutality with her new mural in Wynwood.

Wynwood has always been the home of controversial murals and modern art movements. It’s a place where creatives can unabashedly share strong messages of inclusivity with people of different backgrounds and economic status. The latest artist to bravely share her work with the world is VantaBlack. Her new mural on the west side of the BakeHouse Art Complex is a loving tribute to the many lives lost to gun violence, domestic violence, and police brutality.

Painted black with white letters, the mural’s message is simple. These were human lives, not just another number. Think about all the people that loved a person who passed. Reflect on the lives they led. Say their names aloud. Without a doubt, we’ve witnessed too many lives lost to gun violence and police brutality. It’s important that although time passes, we do not become numb to the injustices going on in our country. It’s important to look at the person and not think of them as another statistic. Recognize the importance of their lives and continue working towards change.

Vanta Black is an artist and activist who started working on this mural in July. The artwork is ongoing however, as new names get added and filled in frequently. As the mural grows, many people have already started coming by and paying their respects. The artist hopes this will inspire others to act and help minimize the ever-growing list of names.

We encourage everyone to visit VantaBlack’s new mural, keep up with her latest work, and strive for change. Don’t forget that early voting in Florida starts on October 19, 2020 to November 1, 2020. For more information on requesting your absentee ballot today click here!

Maitte Barrientos is an attorney, writer, and signed model in Miami. Follow her postings on Instagram to keep up with new articles and all things fashion, beauty, and travel @maitbarri.