Spoiler alert: it’s not all about the buns, hun. It’s hard to get the most out of South Florida without having access to a car, but this dependency on vehicles also has its perks. For example, it makes day trips to nearby regions more easily attainable–like heading down to Homestead for the day. Both The Redlands and Homestead have much to offer for family activities, curious couples, or just locals looking to escape a city bustle. Discover our favorite stops down south:

Tasty Goods

The great thing about Homestead and The Redlands is that since it has a primarily green and grove nature, there’s something yummy for everyone to dive into. Whether you’re excited for the return Knaus Berry Farm‘s famous cinnamon rolls and fresh-baked goods, or just curious for new tastes, the options are endless. Of course, equally as well-known is Robert is Here with their bountiful fruit stand offering native plants and fresh-made milkshakes and smoothies (only open for drive-thru). Or you can head nearby the zoo and visit LNB Grovestand for the Instagram-worthy, four layer turmeric smoothies and other local goods.


Plants, Plants, Plants

The predominant view in and around The Redlands and Homestead is, of course, nurseries. While many of the ones you might drive past are wholesale only, there are a few local gems worth the trip for. One of our favorite platforms for all things plants, Little River Cooperative, has recently opened their edible plant nursery in The Redlands and has harvest and seedling sales happening on-site and online. Three Sisters Farm, another beloved staple, has some of the best organic food and plants in Homestead and all of South Florida. If you’re looking for easily manageable plants like succulents, Isaac Farms is your best bet. Or check our list of best places to buy plants in South Florida for more southern options.

Gesi Schilling

Authentic Eats

Homestead and The Redlands are home to a large part of South Florida’s Mexican population which also makes it one of the best areas to dig into some authentic eats. If you’re like us and have a problem making decisions when it comes to food, head to the Redland Market Village (also known as the Mexican Flea Market) for some delicious street food and ingredients to take home and recreate the traditional dishes yourself. It’s also hard to go wrong with any of the multitude of Mexican restaurants around the town square and both neighborhoods. For something else, Pueblito Paisa is a great option to escape into a little bit of Colombia–a Colombian-style BBQ spot in an outdoor barn complete with street vendor recreations and live music.

Redland Market Village

Get Lost

It’s easy to lose yourself among the rows of trees and long avenues down south, but there are specific destinations that’ll give you that seeming feeling of escape. Pinto’s Farm is a great family-friendly option for active kids who like exploring plants, touching animals, and even going on boat rides. Audubon Park in Homestead also offers many ways to get active in nature, from bike and jogging trails, basketball and tennis courts, and plenty of shady playgrounds. Of course, the Coral Castle is also a marvel of curiosity.

Photo of Pinto’s Farm via Groupon

Discover Local Gems

Although Homestead and The Redlands might be our more quiet cousins to the south, they have much to boast about when it comes to charming treasures. If you’ve ever made your way to the Cauley Square Historic Railroad Village you’ll know that there are fewer things more quaint than the picturesque row of Florida bungalows transformed into pop-up shots and eateries. Finally, one of our absolute favorite places in all of South Florida is none other than the Fruit & Spice Park–another historic landmark, and a tropical garden seemingly detached from civilization where guests can take home any edibles that have naturally fallen to the ground.

Cauley Square

Cover photo of Cauley Square via Marly Media.