One of the things we miss the most during this pandemic, other than any semblance of normalcy, is going to see live music. That full-bodied, visceral experience that comes with seeing musicians do their magic live and letting it take you over fully. Concerts are beautiful memories, and while we can’t watch and support our local music scene in person, there are plenty of ways you can still tune in and keep their magic alive. Here are some great places to start:

Rhythm Foundation

As always, the Rhythm Foundation is a pillar for showcasing our region’s vast variety of sounds by providing a consistent calendar of live streams. These shows are being broadcasted live from the Bandshell, so you know the goodness is as fresh as possible. From DJs and music festivals, to world premieres and more, you can tune in for free on their Facebook.

South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center

One of the first institutions to come out and support local music, SMDCAC has been strongly keeping the scene alive. Their weekly SMDCAC sessions, which have been going on since this all started, act as free concerts featuring the best of our local musician pool. Audiences can donate to the artists themselves, or keep an eye out for more programming shifts in the coming weeks.

Sugarshack Sessions

This badass platform for live-recorded performances might not be based in Miami, but they sure have done their fair share of spotlighting our amazing talent. Straight from their tropical bungalow in Bonita Springs, they’ve invited Miami favorites like Yoli Mayor, Xperimento, and most recently Electric Kif over to star in their highly popular Sugarshack Sessions series.

The Betsy Hotel

The Betsy has long-since been a pillar for cultural support and content throughout its multi-decade existence on Miami Beach. Their popular ‘Zen and the Art of Series’ has featured prominent international musicians among its already vibrant programming. This month, they’re dedicating their free Monday meet-ups to one of Miami’s most historic neighborhoods in the ‘Overture to Overtown’ series featuring live jazz performances curated by Carol Anne Taylor.

Frost Music Live

We all picture Miami’s music scene as home to many things, but it’s easy to forget we’re also home to one of the world’s best music schools. The Frost School of Music has had no shortage of fruitful musical content coming out during the pandemic, particularly with their Frost Music Live series which features everything from classical orchestra performances to jazz vocal ensembles and more.

Moksha Arts Collective

Just because things have come to a relative standstill doesn’t mean Miami has lost its sense of the wonderfully weird. As always Moksha Arts Collective has been supporting our city’s most eclectic and visionary artists with live streams and and shows to support what these masterminds have been up to during this crazy time, all set in eye-catching visual backdrops for added Moksha flare.

Tigre Sounds

Newer to the game than the rest on this list, Tigre Sounds is a great place to start if you’re trying to dip your toes into the wicked pool of global sounds. Their Spotify playlists offer something for every mood and nearly every Latin location. Their Tigre Den Live series, taking place in their constantly-changing offices, bring local Latin talents together with beloved songs by renown artists in breathtaking live recordings.