It might be mega frustrating that we’re still having to be overly cautious when going outside, but the more cautious and respectful we are, the more chance we have of getting closer to normalcy. This goes for when going for your daily walk outdoors. Many of us are still using daily walks as a way to get exercise in to balance being more stationary than usual, and this might cause some stress when heading into areas with fellow movers. Here are some helpful tips on how not to be annoying to those around you.

Give Everyone Space

First, be aware that you’re sharing the road/sidewalk/grass with other people who are all on a similar train. Try not to crowd people as you pass them, and if you’re on a street where you can move about more freely, give the coming pedestrians some space if you notice they’re not going to do the same to you. Instead of huffing and complaining, just move. Everyone’s going through a tough time, be the better person. Also, if you’re walking in a group, PLEASE don’t walk in a way that takes up the whole sidewalk.
In other words: Don’t Hog the Road.

Move Aside

We cannot stress this enough: If you see a runner coming toward you in the same line, move aside. We always like to air on the side of politeness when it comes to athletes exerting more energy than you. Runners shouldn’t have to break their focus to move for you, the walker who has more time to react. If you see or hear a runner coming toward you, give them room and jump right back in once they pass.
In other words: Don’t be a Jerk.

Have Your Mask Handy

The current mandate stipulates that masks don’t need to be worn if we’re outside while exercising. While a leisurely walk might not count as heavy exercise, it might still be a workout for some. If it gets hard to breathe in the heat as your heart rate jumps, we understand. But please keep it dangling from an ear or at the ready should someone come close. Be careful and always have it handy.
In other words: Abide by the Rules.

Be Aware

Walks are a perfect time to jam to music or listen to a new podcast episode. However, try not to blast the volume on your listening session just yet. If you like to walk in an area with a good amount of activity, chances are you’ll still need to hear what’s going on around you. Maybe keep only one air pod in so that you can move out of the way if a cyclist needs to get through, or if something happens that requires your attention nearby.
In other words: Listen to Others.

Avoid Popular Areas

Because of the rise in interested in outdoor activities, we’re all seeing more people on and off the road getting their sweat on. That’s a great thing, yes, but it also makes it harder to get steps in at peak hours of the day. Try to head out for your walk a little earlier or later than usual since 8am and 6pm are no longer calm times to walk. Especially in popular parks or residential areas where families flock together.
In other words: Shift Your Schedule.

Stay Hydrated

This one’s both self-explanatory and obvious, but many of us are still trying to get in the habit of drinking enough water throughout the day let alone while exercising. If you’ve decided to walk on off hours, make sure you come prepared for that mid-day and afternoon heat. The sun and humidity are no joke, even on breezy days, so bring that water bottle with you. No one will judge you for staying cool.
In other words: Water is Your Friend.

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