It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, which means you may as well consider it your patriotic duty to treat yourself to something sweet. We love all excuses to celebrate so we’ve rounded up recommendations for you to order some of the best chocolate chip cookies Miami has to offer. 

Pura Vida Miami

These gigantic chocolate chip walnut cookies are every vegan’s dream. Or anyone’s, really. Just wait until it crumbles in your hands… Order one to “split with a friend” or to get you through that mid-day slump. You can also opt for a coconut chocolate chip to mix it up.


Dallas Wynne

Pastry Chef Dallas Wynne created her own line of baked goods called “Golden, Brown and Delicious” and if that’s not your Summer-in-Miami-mood I don’t know what is. Just look at those salt flakes on top. Wynne recommends warming up your chocolate chip cookies and dipping them in cold milk because it’s hard to beat a classic delicious duo.


Liger’s Cookies

Hand-made and hand-delivered, these fresh cookies came out of quarantine as a reward to us all to keep going. Julian is a photographer who used his creativity in the kitchen and gave us these mini-golden prizes. And you just know cookies are good when they have their own merch.


Baked Up Miami

Looking for a remix? 21 year old culinary student Nanette Bonet has your back with @bakedupmiami. Order her minis for a taster of her recipes and try the fruity pebbles, guava and cheese, or cosmic brownie flavors for an extra kick of awesome.


Night Owl Cookies

For those of us that love our sweet treats fully loaded, @nightowlcookies is the golden standard. I’m pretty sure their recipe says that these are chocolate chips with a side of cookie. Pro tip: break it in half to get that gorgeous melted-choco dreams insta pic.

Instagram: Stickaforkinme

Phenomenom Cookies

A tight competitor to Night Owl’s cookies is Phenomenom. These cookies are borderline cakes and come stuffed with anything from Nutella, marshmallows, confetti and more. Cue Pharrell’s “Happy” song while you dive into one of these baked joys.


dbaker sweets

This family owned bakery makes chunky dark chocolate chip cookies that will fuel all your baking dreams. Another fun fact? They custom made cakes for both Maluma and J Balvin. Ordering from dbaker is probably the closest I’ll ever get to them and I’ll take any opportunity.


Cindy Lou’s

Another gigantic cookie you won’t be able to get enough of. Baker Cindy Kruse has traveled the US to work with its best chefs before setting up shop in Miami River. Try their old-fashioned chocolate chip for the full experience, or give it a twist by ordering their Nutella swirl. Our favorite: Red Velvet Cheesecake.

Courtesy of Cindy Lou’s

Midnight Cookies and Cream

Midnight Cookies and Cream is serving up two options for this national celebration. Get the chocolate chip cookie or it’s funny friend the Sweet Shot cookie, which comes with a filling of your choice.


Fireman Derek’s

Fireman Derek’s is notorious for its creatively delicious pies, but have you tried their cookies? We’re looking at the white chocolate guava. Better yet, get their Cookie Monster pie for the best of both worlds. Yes, it still counts.


The Cookie Lab Co

Check out these fresh artisanal cookies by @thecookielabco. For every dozen of chocolate chip cookies you order you’ll get a free Coco Horneado. Treats on treats? Yes please.


Cover photo courtesy of Liger’s Cookies.

Emily Piltzer is a journalist and creative director. Born in France and raised in Italy she loves traveling, all things cultural, and reading. Follow her on @literaryviews for book recommendations and on @calmvibes20 for photography!