Early voting started August 3rd here in Miami-Dade, so it’s the perfect time to update your voting records! We’re here to help you get up to date to vote in local elections ahead of the Presidential elections this November. Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up the best voting guides to help you every step of the way, from registering all the way to learning about who to vote for and how.

Check your voters registration

First things first, be ready to vote. Engage Miami has everything you need to know on your voting registration.

There are three ways to cast your ballot. First up is Voting by Mail which may be the most practical way during this pandemic (you can still sign up to get your ballot mailed here until August 8th ). You can choose to vote early by dropping off your ballot before August 16th, heading to an early polling location (here’s a time schedule and list of locations), or to vote in person on Election Day August 18th.

Another great platform, Radical Partners, has created a step-by-step guide on how to tackle early voting in Miami-Dade.

Early Voting

Early voting for Florida’s Primaries started on Monday August 3rd and lasts until August 16th. During early voting you are allowed to vote at ANY location regardless of your registered area. Check out this infographic by @queef.latina for details:


Let’s get down to business. Who are you voting for, and what do they do? Engage Miami sat down with candidates to discuss their views on democracy, housing, climate justice, safety for our communities and transit. You can find all their answers here.

If you prefer an infographic, here are more suggestions by @grampswynwood / Queef Latina
Want to learn more about a specific candidate like Melba Pearson? We Are Allies has all the info you need.

Voting for Judges

These primaries you can vote for both a Circuit Judge and a County Judge. @zoesigh has compiled an infographic of who is running for each position.

Why is voting in the primary important?

Local representatives can affect the American system at large. Check out this thread by @whenweallvote on how positions you are voting people into can provoke massive change all the way to the criminal justice system. This is just one of many examples of how you can shape your community but also national issues through voting.

Vote by Mail

Finally, if you are voting by mail make sure to sign the outside of your envelope for your vote to be cast!

Cover photo from MiamiDade.Gov

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