We’re all picking up new hobbies right now, whether fitness related or otherwise. One activity we’ve never tired of in Miami is riding our bikes. While we’ve got a lot of work to do toward making our city more bike and pedestrian-friendly (The Underline can’t come soon enough!), Miami does offer an abundance of beautiful neighborhoods to explore on our two wheels. Here are some of our favorite secret and not-so-secret routes:

Catch the Sunrise on the Venetian

A historically charming bridge, the Venetian Causeway jets out into the bay and connects the mainland and several key islands to Miami Beach. It’s quiet, remote, and relatively flat which makes it a perfect early morning ride. If you time it right, you can catch the sunrise as you head East and start your day.

Park at the Bal Harbour Jetty

As you head up Miami Beach’s northern corridors, you’ll also be avoiding the crowds and hitting up more remote spots. Passing North Beach and North Shore Park, make your way up to Bal Harbour and take in the ocean breeze at the beautifully designed jetty. You can see where the ocean meets the canal and wake up with salt water in the air.

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Exploring Coconut Grove’s Streets

Defined as Miami’s oldest neighborhood, Coconut Grove has a lot to offer in the way of sights to see. Whether you bike along South Bayshore and pass Vizcaya, Kennedy Park and shoot into the heart of The Grove, or just like going at your own pace and meandering through its residential streets, make sure to keep your eyes open for historical landmarks and adorable Dade County Pine cottages.

Onward Toward Key Biscayne

There are two ways you can head out from Coconut Grove. This one is more extreme, but has some serious rewards at the end of the trek. The bike path along the Rickebacker and into Key Biscayne is beautifully marked so bikers can feel safe the whole way. Brave the bridge (or jump off and walk your bike up) and you’ll be greeted with multiple options for a beachside rest. Head there in the late afternoon and catch a breathtaking sunset too!

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Wave to the Banyans Along Old Cutler

If you’re not down for a serious workout, you can head south from Coconut Grove into South Miami and Pinecrest through one of the city’s most beautiful streets: Old Cutler Road. You can bike there pretty much from anywhere in town, or park your car along Cocoplum Circle and start from there. Keep going south or make the loop along Red Road to stop at Pinecrest Wayside Market for a refreshing treat on your way back.

Circle Golf Courses in Coral Gables

Another majestic neighborhood to get lost in is Coral Gables (though, technically its own city). This is a great place to just take your time and wind and weave your way along historical green spaces like the Granada Golf Course, Alhambra Circle, and even catch a glimpse of the shining Biltmore Hotel. Crossing Bird Rd., you can also see the Riviera Golf Course and bike along Santa Maria St. to see the many colonial-style houses on one of the city’s favorite streets for Halloween festivities.

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