We’re all aware how far the pandemic period has thrown us off of our daily routines by now, and working out has definitely been affected. We learned to appreciate the great outdoors again and take in livestream classes with our beloved fitness communities. But now that some centers have re-opened, there is still a (very valid) fear of safety. It makes us question how badly we truly need to return to routine. With masks required while working out inside, here are some great local gyms and studios that are doing social distancing right:


If you’re missing that upscale fitness club feeling, Anatomy is open and adhering to strict guidelines. While some of the nicer amenities are off the table for now, you can take advantage of some of the best classes in town on a limited schedule. Their Kettlebell Flow and Training Camp classes are among the most popular, and both their Beach and Midtown locations are functional.



We know that being an international brand might be daunting, but Orangetheory has mastered the art of making each individual location feel like a small, neighborhood gym. While social distancing measures and having to where a mask at all times seems stressful, we assure you that the warmth and accountability that each coach exudes will help you forget this “new normal” exists.

Miami Design District

Ahana Yoga

Ahana was one of the first local studios to release affordable digital classes when the pandemic first hit us and they’ve continued to be a leader in the fitness field. They took the time off to renovate their space and make their studio twice as large to accommodate social distancing, and they have access to outdoor yoga classes at Jungle Plaza every day.

Ahana Yoga


Another bigger name on the list has been hard at work making their spas and studios as locally-grown and welcoming as possible. Exhale has catered their class schedule to each of their locations–Bal Harbor, Downtown Miami and South Beach–to include a well-rounded mix of flows and sessions with enough time in between for proper safety measures.

Manhattan Digest


Many of you miss your badass gyms and studios, and it shows. Solidcore‘s following is one of the fiercest out there–a serious addiction to the dark room and blue lights. It’s hard to get the reformer benefit from home, so now that their Miami and Aventura studios have re-opened, the quivering muscles are back at it again.

Solidcore Facebook

The Biltmore

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. The Biltmore’s membership program is one of the best in town. Not only do you get access to the entire gym/machines and fitness class schedule, but you also get access to their historically beautiful pool. Everything listed is as safe as can be (imagine, they’re a hotel so they have to be strict already) and since not many people know about its incredible value, you’ll be pretty safe no matter what.

The Biltmore Hotel

Body & Soul

Body & Soul has always been a gym that does it all. Their class schedule has something for everyone–from dance and yoga to Crossfit and HIIT. Their members are loyal, and with good reason. If you prefer personal training for an even steeper safety measure, they have that too. Either way, it’s a great deal for a beloved neighborhood spot.

Body & Soul Miami

Cover photo by Lake Shore Lady.