The beauty industry has been propelled by a long-held belief that the truth should be hidden. On one end, all the details they consider “imperfect” can be cleared away with an array of products and procedures almost instantly. On the other, the ingredients within those products are either withheld or unpronounceable. In recent years though, consumers have shifted toward appreciating transparency, wanting to know exactly what their money was being invested in, and what kinds of effects that would have on their long-term health.

Brands like Glossier have led the way in turning the beauty industry on its head by being frank and open with their buyers. Pair that with a beautiful, personable, easily digestible brand identity and consumers have not just discovered a new product–but a new best friend. Without knowing it, they’ve made their first step toward transforming their own beauty habits by shifting toward cleaner, more sustainable beauty.

While Miami’s health scene might seem a few steps behind with its abundance of “Best Botox in Town” ads along heavily-trafficked highways, there are a few strong businesses leading the pack toward inclusivity in beauty. With a voice ringing louder than all of them, is Sana Skin Studio.

All photos courtesy of Sana Skin Studio.

Opening just three weeks before the pandemic might’ve crushed any momentum they had gathered, but given that people need to relax and give into the power of self-care more than ever, Sana has only prospered. Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Valentina Hernandez used her own skin journey as a catalyst for the ethos of the brand: “After finding out all my favorite products I had been using for over 15+ years were filled with harmful endocrine disruptors and toxins, I craved a beauty industry that supported my health and wellbeing.”

That’s where Sana came in. Poised during this concurrent shift in the beauty industry, she was able to marry her love for skincare with the purpose and passion for clean beauty and wellbeing. “We’re not promising quick fixes or magic solutions because that’s not how true change happens,” said Hernandez. “I want Sana to be a place where you could feel truly supported on your skin journey while switching out your products for cleaner alternatives one step at a time.”

From your first interaction with the clean beauty brand, whether in person or through your Instagram feeds, you know this is something different. An earthy, ethereal brand that exists in an essence of the all-natural, feeling already warm and familiar. A color palette of skin tones, raw materials, and hanging arches are all specifically placed for the brand to feel effortless and have a grounding effect. Aided by local building connoisseurs, Deft Union, she was able to bring this skin sanctuary to life in Wynwood.

Derived from the Spanish word, “Sanar” meaning “to heal”, Sana Skin Studio embodies the philosophy that everyone can become their own ‘skin healer’ with a little friendly, educated direction. Founded with a vision for a better kind of skincare experience, Sana aims to change your relationship with your skin and your products through goal-driven facials, real guidance, and curated clean skincare. More than a skin studio, Sana is a movement towards healthier skin and self love.

Interested customers can choose from a variety of treatments and offerings to kickstart your clean beauty and self-care journey. From their Express 30-minute, Signature 50-minute, and SuperGlow 70-minute facials all with their own specific targets; to an abundance of ad-ons and additional treatments to boost their everlasting effects. Their curated retail selection carries both established and emerging skincare brands like Ursa Major, Fur, Moon Juice, and Vital Tonics.

Their monthly Skin Membership ($85/month) provides a consistent support system on your skin journey. With it, you benefit from a monthly Signature 50 facial, 10% off products, $5 off add ons and more. You can support this gorgeous business by booking a treatment or, if you feel more safe, taking a deep dive into their e-commerce platform where you can still receive tips and advice on the best products curated just for you. We’re excited to see them grow with adversity as they share the Sana magic with more and more people.