Being in the tropics, Miamians are forced to show off some skin to make up for the near year-round heat. And with that, beautifully-inked tattoos on those exposed appendages. For National Tattoo Day, we’re catering to those of you in our audience who have been fans of our tattoo-focused content. There’s an ample amount of great studios and artists to choose from for that forever piece, so here are your highest-rated spots:

Ocho Placas

Starting with a personal favorite, Ocho Placas brings the classic American and neo-traditional style tattoos to its customers. An affordable place yet faithful to its craft, quality, and customer service, Ocho Placas remains grounded and under the radar for best tattoo parlors in Miami. Each of the eight tattoo artists in this shop bring a different flavor to the table with much experience under their belt, passion for the art, and vibrant character. Don’t miss White Rose Coffee right next door as a post-pain treat.

Karli Evans via Miami New Times

Iris Tattoo

This Wynwood spot has found a way to turn the traditional tattoo studio on its head. Instead of a dark and cramped parlor with design-stacked walls, Iris Tattoo‘s space is full of light, painted with light colors, and accented by the comforting tones of honey wood. It feels like an artist’s studio, and with good reason. Each of their (majority female!) artists are some of the most skilled emerging talents in town. Take Karry Ka-Ying Poong (@poonkaros), one of our all-time favorites whose attention to detail and intricate lines are a cut above. In fact, all of them are!

Iris Tattoo

Cornerstone Tattoos

On the border of Coconut Grove along US-1 lies this undercover tattoo gem. Cornerstone is more than just a tattoo studio, it’s a collective of artists whose designs are also sold in print and poster form for an added artist support element. It’s one of those parlor’s that tears down the barrier of intimidation that comes with your usual studio by introducing  potential customers to the artist first, then the possible tattoo. If their 5-star rating doesn’t sell it for you, just scroll through their Instagram and see how hardcore their following is.


Oriana Tattoos

The first tattoo studio established by Chino, a well-known businessman in Miami, was over 25 years ago. Many of the famous Miami tattoo artists today started their career at one of Chino’s tattoo studios around south Florida. In 2015 he decided to open Oriana Tattoo, a state-of-the-art tattoo studio on  Miami Beach. Here you can find a team of old school artists with many years of experience of working together mixed with international artists and big names. They each bring something special to the table from abroad, such as the latest techniques and the newest updated equipment.

Oriana Tattoo

Tatt ‘Em Up Tattoos & Piercings

When we want to talk about traditional and easily accessible, Tatt ‘Em Up is just the kind of studio that comes to mind. This one came highly recommended by our crowd-sourcing so we had to include. You can walk right in off the street, and talk shop with any of their talented inkers. Stop by the parlor and ask questions, turn your dream piece into a collaboration, or pick from one of many options they have in store. While it might not compete with some of the more trendy places on the list, their customer service and traditional style is the kind of solid thing you need from a forever piece.

Tatt em Up

Divergent Ink

Now let’s talk about atmosphere. At Divergent Ink, you’ll be transported to a 1920s whiskey parlor with a strong speakeasy vibe. An industrial-meets-Victorian lounge sets the scene at this swanky studio where some of the brightest skills are inked. Owner of Divergent Ink, Guille Chaviano can pretty much do anything with his tattoo gun, from colorful brushstrokes to simple silhouettes and beyond. If you’re looking for something with serious experience, make your way over to the border of Little Haiti and MiMo for your next appointment.

Divergent Ink


There’s no way we can gather this list and not mention one of Miami’s most well-known, and well-loved tattoo shops: Inkaholik. The diversity of tattoo artists in this shop will leave any tattoo addict overwhelmed with choices too good to decide! Inkaholik offers a broad spectrum of styles with services such as black/grey realism, color realism, watercolor, tribal, traditional, cover-ups and more. This tattoo shop uses only the best of the best with state-of-the-art equipment from top brands in the tattoo and piercing industry. You can find these shops across the Miami map in locations like North Miami, Kendall, and on Bird Road in West Miami.

Photo by Karli Evans via Miami New Times

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Cover photo of Divergent Ink.