While today might be a big day for any French citizens out there, we never need an excuse to celebrate the sumptuous comfort that French food gives us at all times. Bastille Day aside, Miami actually has a pretty strong French community, boasting some of the more solid food in town with staples like Le Bouchon and La Sandwicherie. Today, we’re rounding up some of our favorite French bistros that transport you straight to the Parisian streets.

Chocolate Fashion

Locals to Coral Gables swear by this quaint bistro off of Mirale Mile. Chocolate Fashion has been a go-to breakfast and lunch spot for years, with some of the best pastries in town. Perfect for a lunch meeting where the food will always be consistent, or if you’re looking to get a wow-worthy dessert for any occasion.

Cafe Pastis

Hands down, one of our favorite French spots in town. Café Pastis is a beloved bistro in South Miami with flavorful lunch and dinner offerings, week after week, year after year. Intimate and friendly, it fits the bill as a perfect neighborhood dine with traditional fare and a nostalgic ambiance, straight from the motherland.


La Fresa Francesa

You might not think Hialeah would house one of Miami’s most beloved French spots, but here we are. La Fresa Francesa is a Cuban-French mix, a pretty common fusion in our community in fact. You’ll find classic eats from crepes to steak frites, but everything with a Caribbean flare. Or, pop into their welcome gourmet market to take come traditional French treats.

A La Folie

Easily one of the most charming spots on this round-up comes to us from Espanola Way on Miami Beach. A La Folie sits quaintly along the popular pedestrian promenade, with French swing music drifting out to lure any romantic passerby. Their menu features French staples from crepes and coffee to all manner of lighter fare.

La Croquantine de Matthieu

This Doral dive is the highest-rated bistro on the list across Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Reviews. While we ourselves haven’t made the trip, we’ll follow your gut instincts and include in this round-up. At first glance, a strip mall might not be very Parisian, but knowing their delicacies come from the mind of master Boulanger, Matthieu Cartron, it’s as authentic as ever.

Uber Eats

Frenchie’s Diner

Back in Coral Gables we have yet another French bistro for you to add to your daily rotation. Frenchie’s Diner has been serving up the classic lunch and dinner staples every day but Sunday and Monday. This charming locale has everything you want from a neighborhood Brasserie–from a low-key diner atmosphere, an owner that knows you by name, and solid comfort food that never fails.

Cafe Creme

Before Buena Vista Deli changed hands and–unfortunately–lost its flavor, it was helmed by the team behind this North Miami favorite. Cafe Creme has every element reminiscent of a traditional Parisian cafe, from it’s hand-written daily menus to it’s mouth-watering pastries. Whether you pop into their NoMi location or their Upper Buena Vista spot, both are equally consistent.

La Boulangerie

“A French bakery with a Latin twist” is their motto; a perfect way to reel in Miami’s Hispanic locals. While there might be a few Latin elements, La Boulangerie is most noticeably French. Light-filled and full of noise behind the counter, fresh-baked pastries that run out every day (best almond croissants)–straight from Paris’ own streets! There’s no surprise they have more than a handful around South Florida.

Masala Eats

Angelina’s Cafe

While this Midtown staple might not be French French, there is still something in their ability to never waver from what they’re good at which is entirely, well, French. Angelina’s Cafe is a favorite for residents and workers in the area and after trying their crepes, you’ll know why. It’s also one of the few places in Miami that makes theirs with buckwheat flour, the way it should be.

Cover photo courtesy of A La Folie Cafe.