Here it is, folks. For us seasoned South Floridians, we know this near unbearable heat is here to stay–and only getting worse. It’s going to be hard to find places other than your own home in which to take refuge, so ways in which to spice up the cooling activities is what we’re here to help you out with. Out in the breezy open where things are more safe, or inside a a/c-filled haven, here are some of our tips:

We still urge everyone to take necessary precautions before leaving their own house, and to make sure wherever you’re going is following strict guidelines for your safety. While we’d love to list restaurants and indoor entertainment, we’re focusing on larger-scale and outdoor spaces that are more safe for everyone to enjoy.

Lazy Rivers & Springs

Living in Florida definitely has its setbacks, but with such a large plot of land comes some seriously breathtaking natural escapes. Take the many freshwater springs we have, for example, some as close as 2 hours away. Snag your inflatables, or rent one upon arrival, and take advantage of some lazy rivers so you can tune out the heat in as chill a way as possible.

Photo via bnuge86/Instagram

Isolated Waterparks

If you’re trying to be responsible but have kids who want to still experience the freedom of summer, why not bite the bullet on some day passes to Tidal Cove Waterpark? The great thing is that it’s in Aventura so the drive won’t put everyone out, and with kids coves, waterslides, multiple pools, and their own lazy river, the gargantuan space will still make you feel completely isolated.

JW Marriott Turnberry via Club + Resort Business

Public Libraries

Not everyone has the privilege to comfortably work from home, so Public Libraries serve as more than just a destination for books. Computers are at the ready for those who need them, and of course, there’s an endless array of entertainment at your fingertips. Check your nearest branch for altered hours, limited entry, and monthly reading clubs for all ages.

Cisco Meraki


That might not be the first word to come to mind when you think about staying cool, but actually, the Wings of the Tropics butterfly exhibit at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden will definitely change your mind. Not only is it way cooler inside than out, the gorgeous exotic species of butterflies will be a welcome distraction to any ounce of heat.

MiMo Garden Center

For those of us plant people, we know the benefits of filling our spaces with beautiful greenery for an increased chill factor. The team behind the beloved Midtown Garden Center has gifted us with a new go-to for all things plants: MiMo Garden Center. Walk through the shipping container-turned-cooling entrance for that brisk air as you enter this darling oasis for all things plants.

Jungle Island

Though still technically outdoors, Jungle Island has plenty of fanning, shading, and cooling in its colossal outdoor park. Plus, the sheer size of the tropical oasis makes social distancing an easily attainable practice. Their a/c-powered gift shop is worth the trip alone, or you can enjoy shows and attractions that are also cooled and shaded for an added escape.


Cover photo of the Coconut Grove Branch Library by Fernanda Rojas.