Get ready for “Amazonia”, the second single off RICHIE HELL’s upcoming full-length THE GUMBO LIMBO EXPERIMENT, out summer 2020 on Sweat Records Records. This Friday, June 26th, his new single bursts into your ears, featuring Peruvian psychedelic cumbia legends Los Mirlos!

As usual, the cover artwork is by Richie’s wife, renowned visual artist Francisca Oyhanarte. She also created a universe of new original works for the hallucinogenic video, which have been animated and brought to life by Kent Hernández.

The track is, quote Richie, “an Afro-psychedelic Spaghetti Western cumbia with driving percussion and 21st century drum machines” and features a rare appearance by Peru’s LOS MIRLOS, the iconic pioneers of ’70s psychedelic cumbia (also known as chicha or cumbia amazónica). Amazonia features the voice of Don Jorge Rodriguez and guitars by the great Danny Johnston, both founding members of Los Mirlos.

“Amazonia is a celebration of life, an invitation to the underworld and a warning from mother Earth to us humans. We must stop destroying life right now and tune in with the vibration of the world. This music serves as psychedelic medicine to help you through this journey of discovery and enlightenment.” -RICHIE HELL

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All photos Courtesy of Richie Hell & Sweat Records Records.