Now that summer is officially upon us, being outside is already becoming somewhat of a torture with this heat. The only way to really make it bearable is by surrounding yourself with good (and responsible) company, which can only mean one thing: a stellar BBQ. With 4th of July coming up, it means it’s time to plan a delicious feast featuring some of Miami’s finest cuts, produce, sips, and of course, tunes. Here’s a guide for the ultimate grill day:

Get the Cuts

At the heart of it all is, undeniably, the meat. One of Miami’s favorite spots for the savory sizzle would be The Butcher Shop, and during the pandemic they really stepped up their game. They offer grill kits with multiple kinds of cuts and accoutrements. Or you can go the OG route and head to Babe’s Meat & Counter, a beloved go-to for all things protein. Order for pick-up from their prepared menu or butcher case.

Miami and The Beaches

Fresh Veggies

If you want your meal to be fully well-rounded, you have think of the veggie-leaning friends among us. Snagging fresh local produce from farmer’s markets is always a good idea, but might be more difficult during this time. Head to Sanato’s Healthy Market and snag some delicious vegetarian and vegan options like homemade veggie patties for an inclusive meal. Or, pre-order a fresh produce basket from Threefold Cafe who is still offering grocery options even with Phase 1 upon us.


Local Chefs

The F&B industry shifted in many ways because of the pandemic, meaning many chefs and talented cooks had to adapt in creative ways to still get their food out there. If you’re not comfortable being the grill master, look for talented foodies or self-taught cooks who are making meals straight from their houses. A personal favorite? Dylan Deckers who, every Monday and Thursday, takes his grill over complete with mouth-watering sides featuring homemade cornbread, mac n cheese and of course mainstays like churrasco, fried chicken, and grilled wings.

Courtesy Chefstashed/Joyce Sosa

Chefstashed is another gem of a culinary platform that focuses on gastro collaborations with culinary minds from all around. Something we’re really excited about is the upcoming BBQ Edition box featuring a delicious cross-over spicy lychee honey made by Chef Sasha Ariel and The Native Guy. Perfect addition to every hot sauce collector out there.

Refreshing Sweets

Since the meats and the accompanying sauces will be of the hot/heated variety, dessert should be something refreshing. Order a mix selection of homemade frozen treats from local favorites like Morelia Gourmet Paletas for that ultimate end to a meal. They offer fresh fruit, sugarless, and decadent options for all varieties of sweet tooth. If not, head to Chug’s Diner in Coconut Grove for a serious best-kept secret: their out-of-this-world ice cream flavors.

Morelia Gourmet Paletas

Local Beers

If you’re more of a fruity punch kind of person, we’re not judging, but nothing buts the ‘B’ in BBQ quite like beer. Our go-to is snagging tapped growlers and other great selections from Union Beer Store in Little Havana, where you can get local craft beer at great prices. Or, make it a fun experience and place an order with Veza Sur and have their fiesta truck deliver the suds directly to your door.

Veza Sur


Finally, and probably the most essential element to ensuring a BBQ lasts long but also stays entertaining is picking the right background tunes. Well, good thing Tigre Sounds launched earlier this week, complete with over 8 different playlists to set the mood. From chill, poolside vibes to all-out Latin Funk bangers, they’ve got it all.

Cover photo: Courtesy Chefstashed/Joyce Sosa via TimeOut.