Sunday June 21st is International Yoga Day. Did you know this was established in 2014 by the UN to raise awareness worldwide about the benefits of yoga? So, this Sunday people around the world will gather our collective energy! This year, the UN theme is ‘Yoga at Home and Yoga With Family’ (no surprise) so we’ve come up with a great list of online and socially distanced yoga classes this weekend in Miami!

First, I must say, the very first Yama (the list of moral restraints and ethical duties in yoga) is AHIMSA. Ahimsa is the practice of non-violence and the idea that we cannot be doing yoga or entering a spiritual practice until we embody this first duty. During these times, our collective acts of violence are on display. These are complicated times showing the shadow side of our nation and ourselves. Ahimsa is the idea of non-injuring in actions and non-violence in our words and thoughts. As yoga practitioners, we need to embrace and learn from this fundamental lesson.

Ahimsa first.

Here are ways to celebrate the practice for International Yoga Day:

Warrior Flow

Warrior Flow Foundation is a local favorite. Classes are held right on 1111 Lincoln road (with plenty of space for social distancing) this practice has been in place since 2006 and developed by Adrian Molina with the intention of, in his words, “Being able to practice in beautiful places reminds us that we live in a beautiful city. And, we have to take care of it. And take care of everyone in our community, particularly the underprivileged.’


Registration can be found on Eventbrite. The 9:45 is already filled but the 2pm is open for live classes.

What does this support? All classes support their non-profit who serves shelters, hospices, hospitals, police, first responders and schools. Warrior Flow Foundation is the sister non-profit that serves the community by making available yoga, mindfulness, movement and more to those who would not otherwise have access to these self-regulation tools.


Local Moksha Art Collective is offering a virtual music and movement experience Saturday at 7pm. Called Lunatech, it’s described as: ‘Affected with periodic lunacy dependent on the changes of the moon, a fine delegation from Miami’s cutting-edge artists bring their technologically-infused craft to inspire and entertain you. This stream was originally scheduled to coincide with the full moon in June and has been rescheduled to coincide with solstice and the new moon, June 20/20.’

World Red Eye via South Florida Nights Magazine

FREE on Facebook live and including both DJs and live VR painting to add to the experience.

West Coast Goodness

Astrology from the West Coast is available in our virtual environment! San Francisco-based Deep House yoga teacher Chelsea Scherer is an Astrologer. Chelsea is offering the following:

~Summer Solstice ~ Cancer New Moon & Solar Eclipse~ Sunday at noon EST

They will open with an astrology talk and you will learn how the new moon in Cancer & solar eclipse will be affecting each zodiac sign & the collective as a whole. Then you flow into a yoga & meditation series focused on releasing stagnant prana in the subtle energy body, grounding ourselves and setting powerful new intentions. This class is suitable for all levels.

Via Chelsea Schere’s Facebook Page

Grab your yoga mat, something comfy to sit on and a journal to write down your intentions for the next half of 2020. Class will be held on Zoom & limited suggested donation $20 can be made on Venmo @ ChelseaYogaSF. Proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

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Autumn Feldmeier is a recent transplant from San Francisco where she wrote for SF Yoga magazine as their Culture writer-covering events around the world from Bali Spirit Festival to Envision Festival in Costa Rica and even the Oregon Eclipse event. She has interviewed a wide range of people from ex-CIA agents (John Perkins author of Confessions of an Economic HItman) to the world’s oldest yoga teacher (Tao Porchon-Lynch). As a part time yoga teacher, Autumn has interest in health and wellness. As a Burner and festival-goer, Autumn loves good music, movement and spiritual exploration. Expect a little bit of snark and edge, courtesy of Autumn’s East Coast roots. Trust us, you can handle it.