We, like many of you, are aware that Black voices need to be heard. But not all of us are on the same level in our journey through activism. Some might live with its importance day after day and some of us are just waking up. Regardless of where you are, every bit counts in amplifying the message that Black Lives Matter. And we stand unequivocally with them. For #BlackOutTuesday, we are choosing to serve only as a microphone for those organizations who have been doing the work for Black justice in our community.

We know that this resource only begins to scratch the surface of what is needed to effect change in our society, and that there are more impactful ways to get involved beyond social media. We need to keep the same passion and energy you see on your newsfeeds and lend support to the cause in a physical, and meaningful way. At the end of the day, we’re more than an agency or media platform. We’re a group of people going through this along with you, aware that the first steps to actionable, outward change starts by looking inward.

This is an on-going resource, so if you know of more leaders, organizations, volunteer opportunities, or resources we should be sharing, please email us at: editorial@culturecrusaders.com so that we can continue to amplify their voices.

Local Organizations & Chapters

Start by donating, continue by becoming members and finding ways to get involved.

Black Lives Matter Broward – Whether it’s attending weekly and monthly demonstrations, spreading the message of repealing “Stand Your Ground,” or donating to the cause, there are many ways to get involved.

Dream Defenders Miami – One of the main organizations behind the peaceful protests, you can become a member and be involved 365 days a year.

(F)EMPOWER Miami – These queer culture shifters are among the loudest voices advocating for community bailout funds among many other things.

QuietRiot2020 – Divest in the economy that overlooks and overworks low-income households by participating in this “quiet riot” every Thursday in the month of June.

YWCA of Greater Miami-Dade – The non-profit organization has been responsible for generating institutional change to eliminate racism for over 100 years here in South Florida. Equal access to housing, food, education, and medical care is critical in the fight for racial justice, and support from the community will help YWCA of Greater Miami-Dade continue the work they’re doing to achieve racial equity.

Smoke Signals – This Little Haiti studio has been a huge platform for POC voices in our communities and are sharing a call for creatives to lend their artistic abilities for people on the front lines.

Voices: Poetry for the People – From the same team behind the above two platforms, This project tackles state violence by providing space where those who find themselves silenced, stripped of their voice or ignored can reclaim their narratives in poetry.

New Florida Majority – Register to vote and keep updated on voters rights through NewFM who is building political power of marginalized constituencies in Florida, for an inclusive, equitable, and just democracy for all.

Miami Workers Center – Help our community’s most oppressed citizens by giving them access to long-term job opportunities.

PowerU Center for Social Change – This powerful political and education resources tackles some of the most divisive issues in our country and our community by giving voices to the most marginalized.


Ways to learn, listen and take actionable steps.

Movement for Black Lives – Follow this powerful movement and get involved by participating in their Week of Action, or donating to future endeavors.

Anti-Racism Resources – Here’s a basic first step to get everyone started in anti-racist language and education with suggestions for books, podcasts, and other ways to create positive and self-aware discourse.

Black Lives Matter Ally Research – Here’s a resource for national organizations to follow, petitions to sign, threads to follow, hotlines to contact and so much more.

Anti-Racist Reading List – Elle’s 20 essential Black History books to catch up on. Stay tuned for our own.

Resources and tools about Racism and Anti-Blackness – A lengthy guide on how to be a better ally in all senses of the word.

Black Lives Action – Resources for Accountability and Actions for Black Lives.

Black History Resources – This is a comprehensive, sharable folder with writers, essays, and works to brush up on Black History.

Virtual Protesting 101 – An on-going discussion for designers to create graphics that promote impactful change in the movement rather than surface trends.

All Lives Matter – A pretty great read on why saying “All Lives Matter” is problematic and not conducive to the issues at hand.

How to be Actively Anti-Racist – A comprehensive guide by Good Good Good.

Legal Representation & Bailout Funds

Whether you need help or want to help, here’s a good place to start.

Thanks to Bail Funds, here is a comprehensive list of bail funds for protestors by state.

Lawyers like Neil W. Blackmon are offering their legal services for anyone arrested in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale protests.

Community Justice Project – They are a community of lawyers dedicated to support organizing for racial justice and human rights.

Again, if you know of more leaders and organizations we should spotlight, please send our way! We also have a working comprehensive guide to Black-owned businesses in Miami, so if you or anyone you show should be included, please fill out this survey.

Always remember, be courteous. Be open to listening. Be vulnerable. Be aware. Be ready to stand together.