We are going through difficult moments; we all know that. Some people attempt to make predictions about how the future is going to be, others try to see the “bright” side of it, but what is undeniable is that we have more time to look inside ourselves, to remove what does not work anymore from our lives and go after what we always wanted (and that we were postponing using the excuse we did not have the time).

Taking advantage of this time at home, there is no better moment to do a closet detox; pass along what is old, renew our pieces of clothing, carefully choose what we will keep, and open space for new things. The hard part is to know where to start from, but we are going to give you step by step of this journey (and you will see, will make you feel better).

Now is the perfect time to do a DETOX on your CLOSET: here are all the steps.

Before you jump into this process, you should know that it might take time, so you need to be a little patient – you are going to re-evaluate your entire closet, so once you start, commit and do it right! I would say you should need around 5 hours in total and, of course, you can split into 2 or 3 different days (make sure you have space for your clothes anywhere but not in your bed – otherwise, you will have to sleep in the couch).

Before we start, ask (and answer) these questions to yourself:

  • –      What does my daily routine look like?
  • –      What do I do on weekends?
  • –      What kind of places do I usually go to?

We will be back to these answers later on.

 Put on a comfy outfit and let’s start.

Even if you don’t keep them together, while doing this process, it’s essential to separate the pieces by category, like trousers, jeans, jackets, t-shirts, shirts, shoes (sandals, sneakers, boots) and so go on.

When you finish, take a look and pay attention if there is something you have TOO much of and something you have only a few pieces of. This is already going to give you some hints about your wardrobe.

From the categories, we are going to separate them in piles and below you have details about each one of them:

  • Pile 1 – damaged pieces. Stained, pieces that have holes, really old, and clothes in adverse conditions.
  • Pile 2 – pieces you haven’t used for more than a year. 
  • Pile 3 – pieces you have been using and are working well.
  • Pile 4 – pieces you haven’t use at all; even trying hard, you end up not using (you try it on, but always go with another option).

Let’s start with PILE 1.

I don’t know about you, but we are personal stylists that believe in the power of energy, and according to Feng Shui, the old and destroyed things we keep actually reflect our life – so, here is one more reason for us to get rid of these pieces.

Another option, of course, is to fix them (if it’s worth it). You can also donate, turn into a cleaning cloth, but NEVER throw in common trash! This is really harmful to the environment.

Here you can check where to take your old clothes.


We will move to PILE 4 (yes, we skipped 2 and 3 for now).

I am sorry to tell you, but the things that are in this pile don’t match with your style (yes, you do have a style even though you still don’t know what it is), and that’s why this is so difficult to wear. It can be a detail, a fabric, trim, or even your subconscious telling you this piece does not represent you.

Sometimes we see someone wearing an outfit, think it’s beautiful, and we buy it right away for ourselves, thinking the same will work for us…not necessarily. You can see something you consider attractive, but maybe this is not part of your style and sometimes it does not favor your body shape.

If this is the case, my suggestion is to get rid of these pieces. You can exchange with a friend, donate or sell (if you haven’t them used so far, you probably you won’t). I’m sure someone will be happy with them.

Let’s go back to PILE 3.

We’re going to keep it all since everything works for us! But before you put it back on your wardrobe, please, I want you to create 1 new outfit with these pieces to exercise your creativity and recycle your closet.

Finally, we got to PILE 2. This is the trickiest one, that’s why I saved for last.

The “rule” is that if you haven’t used the piece in the past year, you should discard this piece, but we are not fans of “rules,” so we will trust your judgment and creativity to make them work again in your closet.

First of all, get the answers to the questions we did at the very beginning of the process, they will help you a lot here. So, when you get a piece from this pile and you’re not sure if you should get rid of it, read your answers, and see if this piece would fit in your life, routine, and style. Maybe you like that piece, but perhaps you’ve changed. Maybe you are in a different moment of your life, maybe your style is not entirely the same anymore.

For the pieces you decided to keep, you now have a challenge. To make sure you will use it again, you should create 3 different looks with these pieces – full outfit – head to toe.

You can repeat it once a year, I bet you will feel reenergized!

The Daily Crisp


  1. Commit to what you started. Don’t give up in the middle.
  2. Be honest with yourself and your answers.
  3. Take pictures of your looks and create a folder on your phone. This way, you always have a (real) inspiration and will not spend time choosing what to wear.
  4. Try to do a detox in your closet once a year. You will come to see as something that’s going to make you feel good, not only about donating to the ones in need, but in an exercise of self-knowledge.

Cover photo by The Identite Collective.

Isabella Franco is an image and style consultant, marketer, and passionate about communication in all its form. To get more tips and inspiration about how to dress according to who you are, follow her at @amuse.style.