The current pandemic outbreak has brought the whole world’s spirit down. With being deprived of outdoor activities, gatherings, in-person contact with loved ones and a shortage of ideas to do, it has been a challenge to maintain positive during these difficult times. But one thing that always brings cheer to the world is animals. Whether they melt your heart from the cuteness, or they evoke some giggles out of you because of their humorous nature, animals bring light to many of our lives. Here are a few IG animal accounts to lift those spirits up:


With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Kody Antle, son of tiger keeper Doc Antle, maintains his own reputation as “Real Life Tarzan” on the platform posting playful content of his furry friends. Although the account focuses on big cats like lions, jaguars, and lions, Antle brings the homurous monkey duo, Sugriva and Vali to the spotlight occasionally. An account that will surely bring you daily excitement.


Kelvin Pena, known commonly as Brother Nature, brings a myriad of good-feel content across Twitter and Instagram through sharing his animal adventures. First gaining recognition for his deer family and the famous Canela, a doe, Brother Nature now travels around the world and shares with the world his new scaly, fluffy and happy animal friends. Some of his new friends include alligators, lambs, birds and even hippos! A follow you will not regret.


If you enjoy watching unique, adorable critters like foxes or possums, that aren’t as shown as lions or tigers, then Juniper & Friends is the one to deliver such content. The squad of friends made up of Fig, Mushroom, Herbal, Elmwood, Juniper and Scales are always up to mischief during their playtimes. Follow them to add some spice to your Instagram feed!


Bogie the bird is proof that real men do wear pink, and he does so with style. This pink ball of joy and his owner, Emily, go on all sorts of adventures and are true soulmates who do everything together. Bogie is a showstopper who deserves a look at, and you don’t want to miss it!


This bubbly young pup is partially blind and “looks a bit like a masterpiece,” as described in the bio. Brodie is a pup who lives life every day and this account shows him and all of his endeavors. Get some goodness out of this happy-go-lucky fella and check out his account!


To everyone who thinks dogs and cats are sworn enemies, they obvious haven’t come across this heart-warming Instagram account. Not only are Henry and Baloo inseparable, but they’re also adventure pets who accompany their owners on some seriously awesome outdoor escapes. Mountain hikes and desert camping doesn’t stop this duo.