How to live your best quarantine life with our favorite local brands. Although we are all over quarantine at this point, we can’t deny that it’s a good time to level up our self-care game. Here is a breakdown of simple ways you can better your self-care routine from home, Miami style.

Natural, Cruelty-Free Hair Care with Sayblee Prducts

Sayblee is an organic, vegan certified hair care product line made of all-natural ingredients. Our favorite thing about this line? It’s all inclusive! From their rosemary clarifying set to their extra penetrating lime nourishing oil, the line has quality products to offer for all hair types. Most importantly, it’s a brand that cares about its long lasting impact it has on the environment. Although the physical store is closed, Sayblee Products continues to ship directly to your home and offers safe, curbside pickup.

Courtesy of Sayblee

Fight aging and toxins from the inside out with KAMSA

The concept behind KAMSA began in the Colombian Amazon over 500 years ago. Kamsa Indians began using superfoods to create water infusion formulas that were critical to long-lasting health. KAMSA offers four refreshing flavors that are USDA organic certified and are sugar free.

Not only are we obsessed with how good these drinks are, but the absolute stand-out feature of this company is that it continues to provide essential items, such as shoes, clothing, training, and equipment to thousands of hardworking families back in Colombia. Follow them on Instagram to learn more about how your purchase directly benefits families! KAMSA is currently offering FREE shipping to orders in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Any online order now comes with a free 8oz hand sanitizer while supplies last.

Kill those at-home workouts in your most comfortable HABITACTIV Wear

Founded in 2013, HABITACTIV’S priority has always been community reinvestment. For that reason, owner and founder, Crystal Ramkissoon, works exclusively with small, women-owned sewing contributors to produce her goods. Due to the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, her sewing shops were forced to close. However, that has not stopped Crystal’s determination. Since the closures, Crystal has handmade every single sports bra from her own home studio. As HABITACTIV continues to grow, the brand has consciously shifted to sustainable fashion.

For instance, one of the latest designs pictured below was made from a recycled jacket which served to create five other sports bras. Follow HABITACTIV on Instagram for their latest designs.

Courtesy of Habit Activ

Clean up your skincare with Sana

Let us introduce you to Miami’s first clean beauty retailer! Sana Skin has grown exponentially throughout the Miami community since their only recent opening in March.  Derived from the word “sanar,” Sana Skin is all about providing the community with the potential to be their own healers. Skin is a journey. A journey that should have real guidance and curated, clean skincare. Who isn’t over cheap, toxic chemicals in the skincare routine that we invest so much into? Sana believes in green chemistry and supporting brands that are not only effective but better for our health and our planet.

Although their beautiful shop remains closed, Sana is offering 10% off your first order with code “Lemonade.” And free shipping on orders over $75.00.

Love your dog with Wynwood Dog Food Co.

We are all spending more time with our best, furry friends now more than ever. It’s finally time to give them the nutrition they deserve. Unbeknownst to most, Wynwood Dog Food is one of only two companies in the entire country to offer whole food prescription diets and they are the first company to come out with a whole food Cardiac support diet. Producing between 500 to 1000 pounds of food a day, seven days a week, Wynwood Dog Food offers complete and balanced daily diets for dogs of all life stages as well as condition specific diets for dogs with nutritionally response conditions (including skin, kidney, liver, pancreatic, and more). For new clients, it is recommended to call and do a free, online consultation to provide for your dog’s needs.

Courtesy of Wynwood Dog Food Co

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, both of Wynwood Dog Food’s locations continue to operate through curbside pickup, local delivery and shipping. Our favorite aspect about this brand? Wynwood Dog Food Co. has been able to keep all of its staff on during these difficult times! There is nothing that doesn’t impress us about its local, entrepreneurial spirit.

Keep yourself motivated with health coach and nutritional strategist, Marisol Sanmiguel

It’s hard to stay motivated to work on your fitness from home. Say goodbye to boring workouts and stressful meal preps. Marisol’s weekly Live sessions include healthy, delicious recipes that she walks you through with ease, as well as a variation of at-home trainings catered to your goals. Email her at to sign up for her online programs and recipes.

Courtesy of Marisol SanMiguel

For the beard lover, check out Gentlemanly

Unique facial hair care and lifestyle brand, Gentlemanly specializes in making all organic, natural, hand crafted beard oils. Made in small batches with high-quality ingredients, it ensures that the gentleman of your life has the best beard care. We love that this Miami brand has made the conscious decision of going vegan and cruelty free! No preservatives or artificial chemicals help avoid having an adverse skin reaction.

Soak in the sun from your backyard in your favorite Ray of Light Swimwear

This all-inclusive line is for the woman who was born to stand out.  Full of color, fun, playful, and eclectic designs, Ray of Light Swimwear should be a staple in your closet. The quality material and modern designs allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Check them out on Instagram for their Friday sales!

Courtesy of Ray of Light Swimwear

Cool off at home with Matear

If you are not familiar with drinking traditional yerba mate, let us introduce you! A native plant from the subtropical forest in South America, yerba mate is a powerful antioxidant, source of vitamin and minerals, and a great alternative to coffee since it provides energy without the crash. Our favorite thing about the brand? The traditional bombillas and straws set. Taking time during the day to prepare this drinks in its traditional form with gourd sets made from leather, allows one to be present and intentional as we delight in knowing we are caring for our bodies from the inside out.

Too busy during your day to prepare the traditional way? Mater offers the same great flavors to brew in a French press/tea diffuser. Our favorite flavors? The ginger/lemon to wake us up in the morning and the chamomile/lavender after a long bath to end our night routine.

Watch your back with the Miami Beach Bum

Say good bye to butt acne and razor burn forever with the hottest body cream on the market. Featured in Vogue, Ocean Drive, Harper’s Bazaar, Modern Luxury Miami, and more, Miami Beach Bum’s vision is to effectively heal folliculitis blemishes caused by wet swim suits. Created and founded by Ayssa Di Pietro, this plant-based line is cruelty-free, sustainable, gives back to the community, and celebrates diverse faces and bodies. Follow them on Instagram to see their latest product launch! Our personal favorite? The Bum + Body Cream in Mint.

Cover photo by Stolen Inspiration.

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