These strange and interesting times call for a certain level of creativity in all of our lives. We’re having to completely rethink our previous ways of living and chart new paths for ourselves. This time calls for us to create from a place of inspiration rather than fear.

After over 10 years of working in the creative industry I’ve come to realize that there are things I can do to amplify your ability to conjure ideas and inspiration. For a long time I fell pray to the “inspiration trap” where I only created when I felt like it. This was a major issue since I didn’t “feel like it” a lot of the time.

So I began to research and read different ways to amplify that elusive state of creative flow. Through some deep spiritual work and by adding structure to my daily life, I found that I could essentially become my own Muse and not just sit around waiting for ideas to strike.

So I created a system to help myself create daily rituals to nurture and support my dreams, desires and vision for my life on a daily basis.


The word discipline comes from the word disciple which means “seeker of truth”. Although for some, the word may conjure feelings of being limited or stifled, we can achieve so much freedom through discipline.

When we take control of ourselves and stop sitting around waiting for the magical inspiration fairy to come grace us with her presence, we are putting ourselves in a position where our muse stops being elusive and starts showing up because you are showing up for yourself.

The first step in establishing daily rituals is shifting your perspective around the concept of discipline and seeing it as a tool that will assist you in harnessing inspiration daily.


In Florence Scovel Shinn’s prosperity classic, The Game of Life and How to Play It, she describes the difference between visualization and visioning. “Visualization is a mental process governed by the reasoning or conscious mind. Visioning is a spiritual process, governed by intuition, or the superconscious mind.”

Crafting your vision is the most crucial step in the process of getting clear on your daily rituals. Your vision is not goal setting. Your vision is the way you see yourself living your life in all aspects of it. It needs to be purposeful. It needs to be powerful. And it needs to start with desire. When you tap into how you truly desire to feel, you get a sense of the kind of life you want to create and how you want to show up in the world. Identify your desires and use them as a guide toward creating your vision. This will propel you toward creating the kinds of rituals that support those desires. The kinds of rituals that get you in alignment with how you want to feel daily.

Intention : Turning Routine into Ritual

In my Root Chakra Guide and Workbook, I describe the manifesting current which is the path from which we take our ideas and turn them into reality on the physical plane. Part of the path to manifestation is creating limitation. To manifest we need to be specific. We need to create boundaries, and structure for ourselves. Through limitation we create a container that allows energy to build.

Routines and boundaries, they are a vital part of the creative process. But how do you stick to them? Glad you asked! By changing your perspective on your routines and turning them into daily rituals by infusing them with the power of your intention, you will have a strong enough “why” to be able to come back to again and again when you start to waiver. This mindset shift turns your routines into mini daily ceremonies that you are offering up to the inspiration Gods. By alchemizing your daily routine and turning it into daily rituals it will help make them sacred to you and help you stick to them day after day.

When you structure yourself and commit to a daily rituals practice, you become the Muse and inspiration is drawn to you because you are showing up for yourself. Focusing your mental resources on the things that matter to you while relying on rituals for the rest is how you free up mental space and create a vacuum for ideas to come flying in.

For the full exercise on creating daily rituals check out my Rituals ebook here. For more on grounding through the root chakra check out The Root Chakra Guide + Workbook here.

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Arlene is an art director and designer by day, and an explorer of the intersection of creativity, wellness and spirituality by night. You can find her on, or on Instagram.