The worldwide pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have forced us all to adapt to a new, safer lifestyle, which means many of our favorite gatherings have changed significantly. The Miami Book Fair, however, has taken this chance to bring readers and book lovers together online through a packed programming calendar of virtual events and live streams. We’re talking poetry readings, in-depth conversations with authors, writing workshops and more. And what’s better is that we will also be streaming these events live on our Facebook page. Check out some the events to look out for:


April 27th

Enjoy a reading by Miami’s own presidential inaugural poet, Richard Blanco. Join us from your balcony, bedroom or home cocktail bar for an evening of reflection, as we celebrate poetry and its power to carry us through difficult moments. MORE INFO and REGISTER HERE.


April 26th

Mitchell Kaplan sits down with Julia Alvarez, the internationally bestselling author of In The Time of the Butterflies and How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents to discuss her first adult novel in fifteen years, Afterlife. MORE INFO and REGISTER HERE.

May 2nd

Be invited into the family lifestyle of American chef, restaurateur, activist and author Alice Waters as she embarks on an exploratory conversation with her daughter, Fanny Singer. Look out for thoughtful anecdotes and constructive discourse on the state of the world today. Both of these women are powerfully outspoken so this is sure to be an interesting one. MORE INFO and REGISTER HERE.

Slow Food Russian River

May 8th

Another can’t-miss author conversation will be one that hits very close to home. The award-winning American novelist, screenwriter, and comic book writer, Brad Meltzer will be discussing his newest book, The Lincoln Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill America’s 16th President–and Why It Failed in conversation with Mark Trowbridge, the CEO of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. Trowbridge has to boast one of the personalities in Miami, so he’ll be sure to dig deep and keep it real. MORE INFO.

May 12th

For all you pop culture vultures out there, this one’s going to be really fun. Get intimate with the well-known TV personality, Phil Donahue as he interviews and reminisces with actress Marlo Thomas. Take a dive into both of these powerhouse performers’ careers, the evolution of Hollywood, and current works emerging in the coming year. MORE INFO.

Daily Mail

May 14th

Get inspired by the Haitian American novelist and short story writer, Edwidge Danticat as she sits down with Haitian-born author Francesca Momplaisir to discuss Momplaisir’s debut novel, My Mother’s House. The novel is a page-turning look into the immigrant experience and has maid Momplaisir an author to watch. MORE INFO and REGISTER HERE.

May 18th

Named a Most Anticipated Book of 2020, Emma Straub’s All Adults Here is a warm, funny, and incredibly perceptive novel about the life cycle of a family. Filled with humor and wisdom, you won’t want to miss hearing from this New York Times bestselling author in conversation with renowned author Judy Blume. REGISTER HERE.


May 1st

Join Best American Essays featured writer, Jaquira Diaz for a Latina Writer happy hour with a handful of other female writers. It’ll be a fun gathering of the literary minds, showing just how strong out Latinx community is.

Maria Esquinca / New York Times

May 13th

Have a drink. Write a story. Have another drink. Write a better story. Miami Book Fair presents First Draft, a series of informal writing events that turn happy hours into great stories. You’re inspired. But you’re also thirsty. Swing by a First Draft event for a drink (the first one’s on the house) and a guided writing prompt. Share your writing. You never know what you might knock out as you knock one back! Instructor: Nick Garnett. Theme: You Must Remember This. MORE INFO.

Find out how to live stream, and see the full calendar of events (in both English and Spanish) here. And remember, stay tuned to our Facebook page as we will be co-streaming along with the Book Fair and Books and Books.

Cover photo: Artwork by Bob Eckstein