It’s a well known fact that most businesses have taken quite the hit with the onset of COVID-19. With most doors ordered shut, brick and mortar businesses have been a group feeling the intense effects on their usual face-to-face operations. During this time, we are using our platforms to help get the word out on how you can still support local businesses despite the circumstances. From our guide to what’s open and spotlights on how neighborhoods like Coconut Grove have taken action, to our weekly digital market, we are trying our best to keep small business information at your fingertips. 

To continue on this campaign, we’ve used our Support Local FL platform to team up with our friends at ACEVEDO Aesthetics Corporation to rally designers to get behind the cause in Miami. A few weeks ago, Angel Acevedo, donated his time to giving a local restaurant a storefront banner design at no cost and he was inspired to continue giving back with his time and talent. Seeing this, we were inspired to see how we can use our channels to get this information out there and rally other Miami designers, photographers, and more to do the same. So with a call to action, the creative community absolutely showed up to give back with their time. 

Below, you will find the designers, and various other creatives, who came forward willing to offer their services for free or at a significantly reduced cost to brick and mortar businesses.


ACEVEDO Aesthetics Corporation

Offering: Free one hour of design of social media posts, video thumbnails, web images, simple edits, etc.  

Email Angel Acevedo at


Alejandra Shuman

Offering: Art direction and creative production for five hours per week until mid-May

Email Alejandra Shuman at


Andres Creates

Offering: 1-2 hours per week for animation and logo animation



Byron Gronseth Creative

Offering: Design, writing, lettering, branding, voiceover, and more

Contact Byron Gronseth at


Desiree Prieto

Offering: Product and lifestyle photography with time to depend on business needs

Email Desiree Prieto at


DiLyon Creative Group

Offering: Two hours per week on consulting and strategy for communications, initiatives and content. Also basic design work for digital or print related to re-opening or restarting⁣ for 

Email Mario de Leon at


Hola Ink

Offering: Print and design donations 

Email Barbara Cobas at ail


Elizabeth Garcia

Offering: Illustration services for promo, swag, t-shirts, social media, stickers, etc.

Email Elizabeth Garcia


Greg Gayle

Offering: Design, illustration, typography, and more

Email Greg Gayle at



Offering: Studio time up to four hours per week

Call Villano at 786-571-3580


Lauren Quesada

Offering: Multimedia illustrations, social media and promo designs for three hours per week

Email Lauren Quesada at


Mafê Souza

Offering: Concepting and execution content solutions for 4 hours weekly as long as this pandemic is still impacting us.

Email Mafê Souza at


Maria Lumbi

Offering: Designs and illustrations up to three hours per week

Email Maria Lumbi at


Marianela Manzanilla

Offering: Photography and editing

Contact Marianela Mansanilla at


Marta Sorribas

Offering: Willing to donate time for graphic design

Email Marta Sorribas at



Offering: Three instagram post designs (1 hour of work)

Email Adriana Maz at 


Mel Vargas Media

Offering: Copy for social media posts, emails, announcements and other promotional copy needed. She is also willing to do 30 minute fire chats where businesses  can ask specific questions regarding messaging and content.

Email Mel Vargas at


Mia Almaguer

Offering: Two hours per day for design until mid-May

Email Mia Almaguer at


Michelle Wallace

Offering: Copywriting – editing and proofreading | Social media – strategy, brand identity, and influencer networking | Up to 3 hours per week

Email Michelle Wallace at


Mike Zimmerman

Offering: Photography 3-5 hours per week, until the city “re-opens”

Email Mike Zimmerman at


Natalia Ariza 

Offering: 5 – 8 hours of design per week for the next two weeks

Email Natalia Ariza at


Rebecca Larger

Offering: Five hours per week of content and copywriting through May.

Email Rebecca Larger at


Rebecca White Design

Offering: Create one custom-designed graphic that communicates about your biggest need or your most important offering. For example: a social media post image, a web graphic, a flyer or postcard, etc.

Email Rebecca White at


Rives Creative

Offering: Product photos ($200), video (per project), social media strategy ($500), AR IG Filters ($400)

Email Vince Rives at


Sparkle Craft

Offering: Three hours per week for graphic design (social media posts, email, print and digital, branding, lettering and illustration).

Email Diana Sandoval


Uncanny Designs

Offering: A couple of hours for design a day for the next two weeks

Email Jesus Rivera at


Vanessa Galindo

Offering: Graphics for social media, email, print and digital, branding, design, lettering for free all day every day.

Email Vanessa Galindo at


Vergez Inc.

Offering: Help with any retail environment design and build needs including shop or merchandise display renovations or future event builds 




Offering: Vector portrait, abstract designs, digital work creation, and photography 


Printing & Website

Once you have all these beautiful creative assets the next thing on your mind may be getting them printed or putting them up on a website. So of course we’ve got a couple of options for you below.

Off the heels of donating 10 banner signs to restaurants, Printing Planet is now offering 20% off your order on their site with the code LOCAL20 (doesn’t include 5000 business cards or promo flyers).

Don’t have a website? Our friends at Monitor Media Group are offering to create 1-3 page websites, fully hosted, designed, and secured by them at absolutely no cost until July 1, 2020. Find out more here

Cover photo: Arkadia1981