Local leaders in affordable housing and Art in Public Places throughout Miami, Pinnacle, have commissioned public art from both local and rising artists alike throughout Wynwood, Little Havana, Brickell and more. You might have noticed towering art pieces along your highway commute, and the Louis Wolfson III co-founded company wants you to know that they’re not random murals. They’re transforming their bare buildings into vibrant moments of joy. If you’re like us, you’re looking for a fun field trip so these pieces are a great way for residents to feel inspired on a daily walk or car ride.


“Declaration of Hope” by Rey Jaffet
Located on the eastern facade of Pinnacle Heights and commissioned by Pinnacle’s Art in Public Places Program, “Declaration of Hope” is the tallest mural in Miami at 14 stories high. The mural depicts influential people from different backgrounds in the artist’s life with a message to stay unified and hopeful, with “We Are One” illustrated at the top. Miami Heat star Chris Bosh is a fan of Jaffet and the piece, posing for pictures on-site after completion.

Ray Jaffet


“Floating Girl” by Romero Britto. “Dreams”, a collaboration of 20+ international artists
Romero Britto’s four-story “Floating Girl” adorned to Pinnacle’s Los Sueños community has become a vibrant visual icon in the city. Designed by one of Miami Beach’s most celebrated artists Romero Britto, inspiration was pulled from the unique colors of Miami’s big blue skies, turquoise waters and bright red-orange sunsets. On the eastern facade of Los Sueños, a group of 20+ international artists recently completed one of the area’s largest murals, which depicts the dreams and visions of the artists with one unified message: never stop dreaming.

Eileen Escarda

Little Havana

“Mother Earth” by Kyle Holbrook of MLK Mural Projects
Located on the facade of Pinnacle’s Rayos del Sol community in Little Havana, local artist Kyle Holbrook’s art depicts Mother Earth watching over the community while draped in traditional Cuban patterns, flowers and the national bird of Cuba. The bright color choices illuminate the Miami skyline.

Eileen Escarda


Original art by Anthony Ardavin, Kyle Holbrook, Rey Jaffet, Robert McKnight, and Kench (a.k.a. Kenneth DeGeorge)
Pinnacle’s Art in Public Places commissioned five local artists to artfully design six columns (underneath the Metrorail) at the groundbreaking of The Underline’s ‘Brickell Backyard’ in 2018. In addition to wanting to bring an “unexpected lighter, happier feeling” to residents and visitors who walk linear park, Wolfson’s goal was to inspire other able businesses and artists to sponsor and beautify the remaining 400+ columns, such as Bo Draga’s ‘Miami Dominoes’. The columns are located just outside of Brickell View Terrace, Pinnacle’s award-winning mixed use/mixed income multi family community, the first-of-its-kind in the area.

Learn more about the art in public places program here.

Cover photo by Eileen Escarda.