During times such as these, it’s easy to feel helpless, like there’s nothing we can do to keep our friends and loved ones safe or our futures stable. If you’re lucky enough to be working from home and have a reliable source of income, now is the time to help make a difference and give what you can to those organizations and community leaders that would benefit from a little push. Here are some superheroes you should donate to and get started:

Farm Share

Since 1991, Farm Share has making sure “no person goes hungry, and no food goes to waste.” With warehouses all the way from Jacksonville to Homestead, they’ve been feeding Florida families with their wonderful efforts. With your help Farm Share can bring a semi-truck containing 42,000 pounds of fresh food to identified communities in need and distribute it to over 1,000 hungry families. Donate here.

Oolite Arts

The Lynn and Louis Wolfson II Family Foundation is the first contributor to the Oolite Arts (formerly ArtCenter/South Florida) Relief Fund to raise funds for Miami’s artists impacted by COVID-19, the only fund in Miami committed to financially supporting artists during this challenging time. With such a growing creative community in Miami, you can imagine that demand for the fund continues to grow and will need all the help it can get. Donate here.

The Miami Foundation

Supporting our innovative and create community is the name of the game for The Miami Foundation, leading big philanthropic initiatives like Give Miami Day to shed light on our brightest non-profits and cultural organizations. Right now, their donations go entirely to their “Community Recovery Fund” for response efforts. It provides critical help to Miami-Dade nonprofits whose operations are severely impacted and supports their long-term recovery, resilience and financial stability. Donate here.

United Way

Few names are as well-knows as the United Way when it comes to giving back. During this crazy time they’ve launched a worldwide COVID-19 relief fund as well as local funds for specific communities especially hard hit. Your generosity helps people most in need access food, shelter, vital information and more through United Way’s global network. Donate here.

Feeding America

One of the largest hunger relief organizations in the world, Feeding America is leading the pack in providing support for families in need right now. Every dollar raised from the COVID-19 response fund will be used to get food and funds to local food banks across the U.S. Donate here.

To Our Community

The silver lining in all of this is seeing just how ready to help so many people are. We have some wonderful souls in our community and Shelly Tygielski is one of them. Her and her team have created a resource exchange program where they pair helpers with those in need. You can do a one-time donation or an on-going one, you can donate money or help pay a bill. The options for kindness are endless. Fill this form out to donate.

There are plenty of organizations offering donation platforms for COVID-19 relief, the point is to help in any way you can. Whether it’s with clothes, time, or money, we all need support. That’s what community is all about.

Cover photo by Hope Services.