As the uncertainty continues to rise, something as simple as going to the grocery store is becoming more risky by the day. You’ve probably noticed restaurants around town are offering great curbside pick-up and delivery options, or even transforming their dining halls into pop-up bodegas (i.e. Chug’s Diner). The team over at Threefold Cafe are taking it to another level by not only offering ready-made meals for families, but also using the produce and groceries in their already-stocked pantry and transforming their goods into an online grocery store.

The kicker? All proceeds are shared equally among staff so every one of their families are supported during this time. If we’re talking about safety, you’ll be ordering pretty much directly from the purveyor so limiting the amount of people handling your goods as opposed to a near limitless amount at grocery stores. Check out their many options:


In times of crisis, a strong and supporting community is our greatest tool against our struggles. Many people have lost their jobs, have kids at home, and still desire the luxury of a food service but are on a tight budget, or are working from home, and are limited on time. Threefold’s Affordable Family Meals (AFM) are packaged, prepped, and ready- made restaurant quality meals at a price you can afford. Two options; Single and Family sizes, will be available to meet different needs for families anywhere from 1-4 members.

Threefold Cafe

You can find their AFM menu online here. From there, click ’Day Menu’ > ‘Fam Menu’ or through our Instagram ‘Family Meal’ highlight, updated on their story daily @threefoldcafe. Orders can be made, and either; picked up in store (ready in 30 min) or delivered to your home between 8am-8pm, daily.


The supermarket industry and the food service industry (restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, etc.) are the two major food supply chains providing food to our community and feeding our economy. The state of both supply chains has changed rapidly in a very short space of time because of the Coronavirus pandemic. As such, if one supply chain is down, as the Food Service Industry is, the opposing industry will become over run.

In any given week, an average family consumes food from both restaurants and grocery stores. Let’s say that split is 50/50, for the sake of argument. Distributors rely on both the retail outlets (supermarkets) and the restaurant industry (food service) to move products and keep supplies moving. The loss of restaurant demand has caused distributor demand to come to a halt which, in turn, leaves farmers with no one to sell to and essentially leaving product to rot at their origin. Customers cannot purchase items from the distributors directly and restaurants have lost an overwhelming majority of their customer base, essentially obliterating the food service industry supply chain.

Here lies the opportunity to help the food service industry to stay afloat while, simultaneously helping our community: Bridge the gap between distributor and consumer, by providing a grocery service, available for pick-up and delivery, that is safer, cheaper, and more convenient than traditional supermarket during this time of need and fills the need of the food industry supply chain.


Their grocery service program has access to over 20,000 products with an online database of on hand products being held at the Threefold Café Coral Gables location. To access the online Grocery database; click here. From there, click ‘Daily Menu’ > ‘Local Groc’ OR ‘Reg Groc’. If there are items that you need that you don’t see, email and one of their representatives can order you what you need within reason.

While they do offer delivery, they will be launching several pick-up locations around town to make the transaction even more trust-worthy. Stay tuned here, on those updates.

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Cover photo by My Fit Station.