A lot of us have been thrown into an entirely different schedule where the lines between home and office (or bunker) are completely blurred. We’re sure many of you have already plowed through the must-watch shows and the epic series you’ve been meaning to get into, but it’s always good to still bond on the treasures you might not know about or have been needing a little push to get into. Check out what we’ve been binging on each platform:

Apple TV+

New to the crop of streaming services, Apple (unsurprisingly) has some great options to get addicted to. The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell won several awards and nominations during this past award season. You honestly can’t go wrong with Oprah’s Book Club, where a TED-style lecture series meets one-on-one interviews with some of today’s greatest authors. And of course, if you’re looking for the ultimate pick-me-up, why not watch some of the best Carpool Karaoke episodes.

Apple TV+ / Observer


While we’re all just (im)patiently waiting for Disney to drop its recording of Hamilton: The Musical complete with its original cast, there’s tons to behold in their digital vault. You can start by reminiscing through classic Disney Channel shows like Even Stevens. Or, and if you haven’t already, dive into one of the best series within the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian. We’ve also been giddy to see Disney’s adaptation of the beloved young adult book, Stargirl.

Disney+ / Thrillist


Now’s your chance to truly binge on the drama series that started it all, like The Sopranos, The Wire, and Six Feet Under. But if you’re not looking to go too far, Westworld‘s latest season just premiered. Or, you can give yourself a heavy dose of magic and fantasy by watching His Dark Materials in anticipation of season 2. Get dark, cerebral, and political in HBO’s adaptation of Watchmen graphic novel. Or, if you’re into the slow-burning intensity that only Stephen King can muster up, catch The Outsider.

Vox / HBO


There’s always something juicy to watch on Hulu, even if it’s more of a guilty pleasure than anything else. For the true music geeks out there, High Fidelity has proven to be a badass adaptation of the beloved Nick Hornby book following a record shop owner’s obsession with music and, well, herself. It seems that adapting books into series is becoming the norm these days, and we’re not complaining. Reese Witherspoon is behind bringing Celeste Ng’s critically lauded novel about family dynamics, Little Fires Everywhere, to life on the silver screen. And of course, you can’t go wrong with watching Sandra Oh’s award-winning performance as a government official obsessed with chasing a serial killer, in Killing Eve.

Phillip Caruso/Hulu


Yes, the OG streaming platform. After you’re done killing some brain cells while watching Love is Blind or Tiger King, revive the creative juices with some of these bad boys. We absolutely love the nostalgic British comedy series, Sex Education, starring Gillian Anderson as a chiller-than-chill sex therapist mother and her teenage son’s high school antics. For you soccer fans out there, watch The English Game, a series about the first British professional footballer by the same team behind Downton Abbey (subtitles strongly encouraged). If you’re into intense thrillers with tons of twists and a cast that’s easy on the eyes, The Stranger is definitely for you. And top it off with some serious laughs with the highly-beloved Schitt’s Creek.


Prime Video

We’re all cool with admitting that Amazon basically runs our lives, right? What if I tell you that I watched all 12 hours of Hunters in one single day? Al Pacino, Jordan Peele, Nazi fighting, the 70s…it’s got it all. Another great new(ish) fantasy/sci-fi series to get into if you haven’t already is The Boys, which imagines a world where superheroes were treated like celebrities and the repercussions that takes on their treatment of other people around them. HIGHLY recommended. If you’re not fangirling over Rami Malek like we are, then you obviously haven’t seen his award-winning performance in Mr. Robot where he plays a wunderkind hacker forced to turn on his own team. Finally, you can access pretty much everything BBC/PBS Masterpiece has ever produced, which is the creme de la creme of British television and period pieces.

cnet / Amazon Prime Video

What are you binge-watching? Send us some more recommendations for our next collection of suggestions!

Cover photo Phillip Caruso/Hulu on Rolling Stone.