It’s Aries season, y’all! And to celebrate the opening of a new astrological calendar, we thought it would be fun to showcase Miami’s many personalities by comparing neighborhoods to the temperament of each sign. Miami is a complex city. She’s earthy, fiery, airy, and always flowing. Whether you believe in that sort of thing or not, it’s fun to have a laugh at our city’s split identity crisis. Take a look:

Fun design by the talented: @arlenetime. We’re very aware that not all of Miami’s great neighborhoods made this batch, but we always have next year!


Fierce, fiery, and full of life! At the center of it all is Miami’s strong Latin culture, so why not grace the first calendar sign with Little Havana’s natural heat.


This earth sign veers towards determination, ambition, and materialism. While practical, the Taurus also loves beauty, artistry, and hedonism which couldn’t be more Design District.


Because the Gemini is the “twin” sign, essentially showing two sides of the personality coin, we had to find a place that is easy going but also impulsive. The distinct class divide in Coconut Grove proved a perfect match.


A cardinal sign, the Cancer personality is loyal, sensitive, family-loving and protective. Little Haiti’s fierce fight for preserving their cultural roots are a perfect example.


Oh yes, the life of the party. Attention-seeking and outgoing af, Leos are naturally popular and vivacious characters you won’t soon forget. Sounds pretty much like Miami Beach to us.


Virgos like to keep it real. They’re lovers and they’re fighters. Basically, they’re perfect ride-or-die peeps. And there is no one as ride-or-die as those who are born and raised in “The 88.”


When you want to talk about diplomatic, charming, and caring, a Libra is what comes to mind. The architecturally uniformed streets and un-changing personality of Coral Gables bodes well with that kind of attitude.


People might love to hate on Scorpios (beware the sting!), but they’re some of the most passionate, unwavering, logical, and dedicated people you’ll meet. All of those traits are necessary to make a home vibrant and comfortable, so we thought South Miami’s residential identity made sense here.


Open-minded, self-indulgent, blunt and sociable are all key personality traits to the Sagittarius. But it also makes sense to mirror Buena Vista’s charming streets and Midtown’s what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude for this sign.


Perhaps the most ambitious sign in the calendar, Capricorns are persistent, realistic, and practical. Just like Brickell and Downtown Miami’s financial and mercantile functions.


Aquariuses are known for the natural attraction to all things creative. They’re assertive and independent. Remind you of anyone? Wynwood. The arts district followed its own set of rules to get to where it is today, and Miami’s art scene wouldn’t be the same without it.


The last sign in the calendar is by far one of the most compassionate. A Pisces lives in a world of sympathy, emotion, and intuition. Key traits that many Latin cultures boast, which is why we went with Hialeah, bro.